Jagan: AloneMature

It was all a blur. I was in a plane, everything's going fine. Then I'm spinning uncontrollably and Scarecrow is yelling something at me. Next thing I know, I'm falling, a parachute above my head. I landed in a tree and had to cut off my parachute so I could land.

I could see the wreckage of the plane. A moment of clear adrenaline came over me as I realized my friend-colleague may be hurt, or dead. I ran over to what was left of the cockpit.

Nothing. I mean, no body. No nothing.

I looked around, the glass wasn't intact, it was shattered. I looked around for a body, and listened for a sound that may suggest life.

Still nothing.

I walked in the direction the cockpit was facing, very slowly. I felt like crying, which didn't come often, What am I going to tell Bethany?!

Then I thought deeper, Oh crap. They took him. The freakin Koreans took Crow!

I started freaking out, I reached for my gun, "SHOOT!" I muttered, "Where's my gun?" I said to myself looking all over.

I made my hand into a gun and imitated to shooting myself, Kill me.

I walked deeper into the lush forest, Man! Why do I keep ending up in forests?!

I ran fast through the jungle, resisting the urge to yell for Steve.

"AYE!" a voice yelled.

I spun around and reached for my gun, forgetting I didn't have it. I fell backwards flat on my back, Smooth.

I looked to my left to see feet behind the bushes next to me.

Koreans... I rolled into the bush and looked to see if they were holding their guns, ready for an attack.

I could tell there were only about three men. I planned out a strategy in my head, then rolled out from the bush and slowly crawled behind them.

I was trained to be stealthy, as well as silently brutal. I pushed myself onto my feet and slowly crept up behind one, I reached out and put my hand over his mouth and his nose, then immediately broke his neck.

His body dropped to my knee which I extended to keep his head up. I lowered his dead body to the ground and picked up the Korean's AK-47.


The other two immediately dropped their weapons and turned around.

I shot them both on the spot, I knew what they were doing, they had their pistols on their sides and were ready to draw them on me.

I ran with the gun in the direction they were marching, but something stopped me. I turned around and dove for the dead bodies, I looked for a radio of some sort, maybe I could contact the team.


"Guess I'm doing this alone." I mumbled as I took off.

The End

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