Bethany: Split UpMature

The team got split up. And now, I don't think that's such a good thing.

I didn't think that it was great when Steve wanted Jagan to go with him. He'd kill him, probably, but he knows that I'd kill him if he did that so he just might hesitate. And hopefully that millisecond would give Jag a chance to run.

It wasn't long after we'd set down and started off from airstrip when Foster was standing, a hand pressed to his earpiece. We all heard it too through ours. Decoy tip. Both subjects were in the same place. We'd split up for nothing. Foster didn't waste time in contacting Crow with the intel.

"Crow it was a decoy tip, they're both in the same place, someone on the inside is feeding false info. Get back here quickly, we're not strong enough to infiltrate when we're split up, it was a mistake. A bad mistake." No answer. "Crow?" Silence.  "Crow?"


Something had went wrong. Something bad, I just knew it. Great, the two men that meant most to me might be dead. Dani looked at me. She knew what I was thinking. Foster was just standing there trying to reach my brother.

That's when I saw it.  Smoke. Off in the distance. Rich oil smoke. In the direction that Crow and Jagan had flown away. I pointed and couldn't speak. Foster turned but Dani just stared behind me at the other buildings.

"Who the--" She started but a loud noise hid the rest of her sentence. Foster and I whirled around. Several car doors slammed and a Korean man, flanked on either side by two men in suits approached us. The already few people that had been in the streets had vanished at the sight of him. I won't lie, he was an imposing figure.

"Foster Lewis, Bethany West, Danielle--" He said without a thought.

"Can we help you?" Foster spat. I think we were all a bit unsettled that he knew our names.

"Come with me," He turned as if that settled it.

"And who the h*ll are you?" Dani said with as much fire as her father. Man, were they alike.

The man stopped in his tracks and looked around at us, bewildered. I assume that he wasn't used to being questioned. "It is not important at the moment," he said. He didn't have much of an accent. His English was very good. "But if you wish for your president to live, you will come with me..."

Dani and I looked to Foster. He nodded, resigned. We followed the man.

Dani whispered into my ear as we got into the car: "I just hope that this isn't a trap..."

The End

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