Dani: a little research.Mature

The plane continued to soar past the landscape, cutting through the skies. It seemed like we were in a different universe: it definitely wasn't America any more. Then again I loved being up in the air. Just looking at everything...I was not so keen on Steve's plane tricks. Only he and Dad seemed prepared for that: I was too busy concentrating on not needing a paper bag to admire the scenary at that specific point in time. But now I sat, just absorbing the mountains, and the clouds, and how close everything was. I wanted to reach out and touch it, but quickly told my six-year old self that that would be a pretty bad idea.

 I should get on with some work: we were after all on a mission, and I felt that a little research wouldn't harm. We would soon be split up: two teams for two hostages. It would be good to know some background just in case I ever came face to face with my geographical skills, which were abandoned in some dusty workbooks from middle school. I was just about to find Google on the laptop when I remembered- up at goodness knows how high, we may not get the best reception.

'Daaad...' Well. It's never too late to turn on the daughter charm, a guaranteed success in itself. 'Got any information on Korea?'

He started tapping into some file or other. All the information of our destination popped up. Ah, the wonders of briefing files. "Pyongyang... population over 3.2 million. Sunan International Airport..." somehow it wasn't really going into my head. I was trying really hard, but I just kept thinking of the President's daughter. Kirsten Fullman- I remembered seeing her on the TV a few times before. Well, it's only natural that you see the President's daughter out and about. They always seemed really close...but then again it's all manipulated by the press and people's misconceptions. Everyone thought that me and Richards were close.

But Kirsten was only nineteen. She had her whole life ahead of her. Okay, I was only talking with two years' more experience. But I knew that I loved the last two years of my life: I actually knew what I was going to do, and I was there. In the middle of it all, solving crimes and protecting the country. When I was nineteen I was still talking about guys and good places to go out and whether I could afford things. Trivial. I felt a new determination, and handed back the laptop.

'Okay,' I took a breath. This was a tricky case but I wasn't going to go quietly. 'We can split up, but I'm going to find Kirsten.' The President had already lived his life: Kirsten was only on the first rung and nothing should be able to stop her.

The End

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