Dani: well this opens things up..Mature

We burst into the room, guns at the ready. It sounds really strange, but having a gun in my grip instantly made me feel more comfortable and safe. Maybe it was the additional three people around me also carrying guns. Maybe it was what you just got after you'd had to kill somebody. On TV, they always say how horrible you feel after killing a man, but the feeling's a lot more different when these people are out to kill you in the first place. (And were sent by who you had thought was your Dad-then again I don't think that's the case for anyone other than me. Hmm.)

'Jagan, where's the President?' Beth asked a dumbfounded Jagan. I'm not being mean- he actually was just standing there, staring between her and us, looking extremely worried. He opened his mouth a couple of times.

'Kidnapped?' Dad asked, his gun still aimed at the body. I wanted to point out that this man was dead, but I didn't want to talk back. I may get sent to my room..which would be a shame because this mission was really heating up. Jagan nodded.

Everyone else started talking about terrorist units, but I couldn't help feeling a bit out of this one. It wasn't that I was lacking the expertise or anything...something didn't feel right. The agents...Most of them looked surprised. As if they weren't actually aware. Nobody seemed to have noticed that one of them was still on the phone. We didn't need an ambulance: the man whom we'd thought was the President was clearly not going to recover. And we didn't exactly want him to anyway. We didn't need backup: because we were SCIT, the highest in this field.

I thought fast. I just narrowed my eyes and shot. Right in the head. The others looked round as I ran to the phone, snatching it right out of his hand before any blood reached it. 'Damn,' I muttered as I saw the number had hung up. I tossed it to Jagan. 'Can you find a list of dialled numbers?'

The others looked at me, and I smiled back. Dad was the first to congratulate (Rightly so- for us it's like the equivalent of a normal dad praising a normal daughter for getting all As in high school.) 'Nice work, Dani.' I willed him silently not to ruffle my hair.

Jagan held the phone up. 'Some terrotist chain.' Steve gave him a look that seemed a lot like "well durr" and I smirked. Even Beth smiled, before changing it into a straight face.

'Next stop..,' I stopped. I'd managed to catch something nobody else had but I hadn't gotten this far. 'Where?'

The End

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