Jagan: Oh no.Mature

The briefing was quite boring, I already knew more than half of the stuff they were telling me. I mean, sure it was nice to see the President and all. But it's not much different than seeing him on TV.

After the briefing, the team walked out of the conference room, well everyone except me. I decided I'd say something to encourage the President, you know, just to be friendly. That, and Foster asked me to-no, ordered me to check up on the President to make sure he was safe.

"Mr. President, sir." I said, gently tapping on his shoulder.

"Yes?" he said turning and facing me.

"I just want you to know, we'll get your daughter back."

"Good." he said.

I smiled slightly, "Well sir, before you go, I have to make sure you're safe."

The President looked confused, "What?"

I took out a little metal detector, "I'm going to make sure no one has planted any other devices onto you, if you know what I mean."

"Why are you doing this?" an agent asked, stepping forward.

"The President has other agents who do this type of thing."

"I was ordered to do it." I snapped.

I turned on the metal detector and started at the President's feet. No beep. Good, that's the usual place things are placed. I rose the metal detector slowly up across his legs, then up to his waist. Still no beep, good signs. I finally got up to his neck.

Suddenly, there was a quiet beeping sound.

I froze, "Sir, remain calm. Don't move." I reached out and touched his neck, and I could feel an...extra layer of skin?

I coughed, "Mr. President sir, you have an extra layer of skin, why is that?"

The President looked very alarmed and scared, he was sweating, "I don't know-"

I pinched the extra layer of skin, and the President didn't notice. I pinched it harder, he still didn't notice it.

I pulled on the skin, and off it came, all the President's skin.

I stared in horror at the face of a Korean. He looked very afraid, and I immediately knew what had happened, The President was kidnapped too! "Where's the President?!" I asked angrily, throwing him up against the wall.

The agents had thrown out their phones and were calling to see where he might be, while pointing their guns at the Korean.


The man began to smile, "Good bye."

Suddenly, I felt something hit my side, I threw up my other arm and pushed the item right into the Korean's head.

It was a gun, the Korean fired, and killed himself there and then.

His lifeless body crumpled to the floor, and I just stared in awe.

The door flew open and the whole team rushed in with their guns. When they saw the body, they looked around, "Jagan where's the President?" Bethany asked.

I looked at her with worry pouring down my face.

The End

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