Dani: one track mind.Mature

We all went and sat in there and the President came in and we stood up and I felt like I was back at school. Only not, because the President of the United States was right there. Wow. I was trying not to feel all special: we are after all in an investigation team, solving the kidnapping of his daughter. But still. The President...I surpressed my excitement as we received our brief.

And then I remembered it again. What Jagan had started to say before the whole tackling business. Did I hear it properly?... I could have sworn he'd mentioned me. No, no it couldn't have been. Concentrate.

...And then Steve had been talking to that woman. So of course it didn't mean anything, because he can get whoever he likes. He probably doesn't even want any relationships, judging by his reactions to Jagan and Beth. Then again that is his sister....and his boss is my dad. Hmm. Anyway, briefing.

Yes, yes...wait I called him Steve a minute ago. I don't usually call him that. Am I allowed? Maybe it's too intrusive...or too intimate. Oh fantastic, now I've put Steve and intimate in the same thought. Which I shouldn't be thinking of. He doesn't even see me in that way....Maybe. I looked across, to where he was nodding lots at Mr President. Which is what I should be doing too! I groaned inwardly at my lack of attention. That's what my nanny used to say when I was little: that I had a "one track mind".

Too bad it's on the wrong track. Because nothing's even going to happen. I don't even know why I'm thinking about it. I don't even know why I went to check my appearance in the toilets earlier. And added a little bit of makeup. It's not even noticeable. I think. Ok.

Now I will concentrate.

The End

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