Foster: Team BondingMature

As they took my cuffs off I surveyed Steve with a calculating eye. A Recondo, eh? Well that explains how he became so good. Their training was almost as good as ours. Almost. He glared back at me and took off down the corridor sharpish. He was pretty hacked off. Honestly, I'd be hacked off if people had gone around revealing my past without my consent. I could also forgive him for nailing Jagan. He was being a moron. I went over to him and picked him up, tore him away from Beth and jostled him around the corner for a bit of a chat.

He was quick to protest but I slammed him up against a wall with my serious no sh*t look on my face. "Hey, what the-"

"Shut up for a second Jagan and listen to yourself," I warned him. "I commend your deduction that Steve needed something to get off his chest and understand your wanting to help. However, your handling of the situation was downright crap. In case you hadn't noticed by now he ain't exactly the friendliest of guys. He's a killing machine. A red hot one. Not like me. I'm cold, I'm efficient, I do the job with minimum of fuss. Crow does it with flair and style and loves every minute. Did you see those sniper shots he pulled off earlier? That was an armour piercing rifle. Do you realise how hard it is to control one of those things? He didn't miss a shot and killed four men without even giving me a chance at a kill."

Jagan gawked at me for a moment and opened his mouth to say something. He snapped it shut again at the look I gave him.

"Crow doesn't like people being familiar with him. He's not about friendship and bonding. He's seen far too many friends die to make new ones too easily. Stop trying to become his best buddy in twenty seconds flat. You may not like it but he's right. Just because you've hit it off with his sister doesn't mean you're automatically entitled to treat him as your effing brother in law, got it?"

I let him go and he relaxed a little, the colour returning to his face a little as I backed off and became less aggressive.

"Clean yourself up Jagan, your nose is bleeding and I can see a wonderful black eye coming." I made to go back around the corner but stopped just before I turned for effect.

"Oh, and one more thing... Make another suggestive comment about my daughter and I'll shoot you in the foot."

He almost spluttered at me for a moment but by the time he'd recovered his composure I'd already walked off. Enough of this mess. What the hell happened to emotional detachment. Those were the good old days back in England with the Royal Marines. Nobody talked trash back then. We all just got on and did our jobs. Did them pretty damn well too. Ah how things change. Back to the mission. Time to take the team to meet Minister Jung and Mr. President.

The End

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