Scarecrow: One step too farMature

Ok so maybe it wasn't the smartest idea I had all day but I had to shut him up, fast! On top of that I just saw red, and I haven't seen red in a long time, since I stabbed that guy with a biro when they tried to..... oh wait what was I thinking? I didn't want to kill Jagan, just make him stop talking.... Ok ok so maybe I did want to kind of kill him, maybe, just a little....ish...

It wasn't that hard to get him on the ground, even if my hands were cuffed behind my back. I headbutted him in the face and kicked him a few times before a couple of the guards actually grabbed me and pulled me off him. "Keep your mouth next time." I growled spitting blood from where I'd split my lip. My ID had fallen out of one of my many pockets during the scuffle and the guard in charge bent to pick it up.

He casually flipped it open and his expression changed. "Take the cuffs off them." he ordered and the others looked surprised. He turned to me and saluted, to the amazement of the others, before ordering the guards to bring us to get cleaned up while he got his commanding officer....and the president.

Beth was looking at me as if I'd gone completely insane, Dani just stared in confusion and Foster stood in silent contemplation.

"I didn't mean what I said" I addressed Beth but made it clear I included Jagan in it too, without looking directly at him. "He infuriates me for two reasons, one because he thinks he automatically has the right to know everything about me because he's with you, and two because he's not paying attention to anything but you and that's gonna get a bullet put in both your asses. Being honest I don't care what you do, you're a big girl now so your private life is up to you, just be professional or you'll see me being VERY unprofessional, and a report will have to be written about why I buried his ass in the middle of the Changbai Mountains....capiche?" Beth nodded and stared at my bleeding lip and then at Jagan lying on the ground.

Jagan stood up slowly and glared at me.  "How come my badge won't do anything and all they do is look at his ID and we're free in seconds?" he complained.

"Because he's a Recondo, top class. Everyone close to the president knows his name and his symbol. He's the one they kept everything hush hush about, 6 medals I believe it was Crow? I wondered how you knew that trick with the knife. Recondos training is wild." Foster's voice was quiet and I gritted my teeth as I turned to face him. "So you figured it out, well I was a Recondo Sherlock." I hissed. "But I'm not anymore, and I don't want to relive those days any longer then I have to." Jagan opened his mouth and I spun around to look at him. "And not I do NOT want to talk about it, you'd have nightmares just thinking about the things I've seen." I turned my back on them all and walked up the hallway after the head guard. I briefly heard Dani asking Jagan "Did I hear my name mentioned before he flattened your ass? ...for the umpteenth time.."

I strode up the hallway like an angry lion and almost walked into a woman coming the other direction. She dropped a stack of files with a surprised 'Oh' and I paused to help her pick them up. The others came around the corner about two seconds later as I picked up the last of the files and handed them to the woman. She was quite pretty and she smiled at me and batted her eyelashes trying to flirt with me but I wasn't really interested. Then suddenly someone had me by the elbow and was calling "Yes ok thanks, see you again, sorry for the trouble." as I was propelled up the corridor. At the top I stopped and looked beside me. Dani was standing there with a strange look on her face. She glanced back at the woman and glared before striding up ahead "Think's she's so great with her high heels and her smart clothes and..." she was muttering to herself and for a moment I forgot everything enough to smile. But then it all came flooding back, just as she turned to face the rest of us with her hands on her hips "I can look pretty too you know!" she snapped before turning and walking around the corner right into the arms of the Secret Service.

I recognized one of them as Pete Andrews, I'd trained him to use a sniper rifle. It was him that Dani had run into and he still had his hands on her shoulders and my stomach twinged a bit as he looked up from her to me. I must have had a funny expression on my face because he immediately dropped his hands and looked apologetic. "Sorry Commander, I mean Sir, I mean Scarecrow..." he stammered and I nodded at him. Was I really that scary? I chuckled to myself. He was my equal now in rank, to a certain extent, and he still called me 'Sir'. HA!

Jagan had a smug look on his face that made me want to break his nose, I'm sorry I didn't headbutt him harder when I had him on the ground earlier. He winked at me and I raised an eyebrow in a look that made him stare at the floor and go pale. I don't give a sh*t anymore, I'm professional, I'm in the zone, I'm going to keep this team alive in the one place I never wanted to have to go back to, and we're going to find the President's daughter, and bring her home. We're SCIT, we got this.

The End

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