Jagan: Attempt #2Mature

I moaned to myself as I looked at my handcuffs, "Come on guys, we're SCIT! You know, the guys who were supposed to be here about two hours ago?!"

The Secret Service agents said nothing, "I'm serious! Watch I'll show you my badge." I reached into my back pocket.

In the blink of an eye, there was a gun to my head. All the agents had their guns pointed at me.

"Whoa guys," Scarecrow said, restraining himself from laughing, "he's just going to show you his badge, if he flips out a gun I'll shoot him for you!"

The agents slowly lowered their guns, but still looked suspicious. But who can blame them? It's their job to be suspicious.

I pulled out my badge and showed them, "See?"

One of the agents took my badge and looked at it, and for the first time, said something. He spoke only one word, "Fake."

They pushed me along and I sighed.

Though, I think the agents believed us, I think they decided not to get all embarrassed and admit it. Why did I believe this? Cause they were letting us walked, without an agent putting a gun to our head. In fact, after a little while of walking, Scarecrow and I ended up behind the agents as they walked.

I decided to say something to him, "Wanna talk now Steve?"

The agents looked at us with suspicion covering their faces, but then they just turned around.

"No. I do not Jagan, and if it weren't for these agents, and these cuffs, I'd be screaming angrily right now and beating the crap out of you. Get my point?"


"Shut it." he said quietly.

"You need to talk to somebody. I hope you understand-"

"Jagan, what's your problem? Why are you all of a sudden talking to me? I liked it better when we didn't talk, ever!"

"Steve, I'm just trying to-"

"Call me Scarecrow, only my friends call me Steve."

"What? No they don't-"

"Jagan, what's your problem?"

"I'm just trying to be helpful!" I whispered sharply.

"Helpful?" he asked incredulously, "Don't lie to me! You're just trying to get on my good side so I won't stop you from having sex with Bethany!"

"What?!" I yelled angrily.

The agents looked at us for a moment but then turned around again, and I'm almost sure I saw them smiling.

"There's no way I'd ever do that to you Steve-"


"Scarecrow, why won't you talk to me?"

"Cause you're an irresponsible, stupid kid!"

By this time, the whole team and the agents had stopped to look at us.

"You know what, now I know what's bothering you!"

"Really, and what would that be?"

"All you can think about is how sexy Dani looks right now, and how much you wanna-"

Next thing I knew, I was being tackled to the ground.


The End

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