Bethany: Mr. Pres's ResidenceMature

"Ooh, a white house!" Dani pointed.

Who knew we were so close? I wanted to laugh at her. She was so young and still springy and childlike in her observation. Yes, we do like that perception.

I caught Jagan staring at me out of the corner of my eye. He was trying to hide it. After what Foster had said I knew that we needed to be more professional... at least when everyone else was around.

We emerged from the wooded area, guns drawn and cautious. I figured that we looked like a bunch of terrorists. But then, we were trying to run from those guys. However, I don't think that anyone guarding Mr. Pres would stop to ask questions.

Wait, I thought that the White House was in the middle of a city. Why all the trees? A park? I shrugged it off. Apparently didn't matter much to anyone else; why bother.

I heard the whine of airplanes taking off from the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. We would have been landing there. Surely the Secret Service would have noticed that we weren't there yet. They had been expecting us. And someone must have seen the plane down.

Yup, it was The White House. I could see the swing set that the first daughter played on. Top of the line too.

"Anybody home?" Crow called.

"It's the White House, Steve," I said, "someone's gotta be home..."

It was then that the agents rushed us. All had their weapons drawn. So we did look like a bunch of terrorists.

"Put your weapons down!" One of them shouted. "Do it now, or we'll shoot!"

"Hey, hey, hey. No need to be hasty, boys," Jagan said.

"Just do it," said Dani, dropping her gun at her feet. She raised her hands up. Smart girl.

"Yeah, everything'll be sorted out once they know we're not threats. But just drop 'em," I agreed and mimicked Danielle. I didn't want to get shot-- again. Only these guys wouldn't miss, I was sure.

The guys followed suit. Then the Secret Service ordered us on the ground.

Some heavy man had his knew in my back before Foster announced that we were SCIT agents. They checked us, and then cuffed us (for security measures) and then brought us up to the white building that every American could recognize.

"It'll all be worked out," I mumbled to myself, frustrated as the same huge man frisked me.

I heard Steve mutter under his breath; "D*mn those North Koreans..."

I understood why they did this though:

If someone could get close enough to snatch the daughter, they could get close enough to snatch the man himself.


The End

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