Bethany: Where Are We?Mature

Running. Everyone was running. An attack from nowhere. What else should we expect? Nothing less from people who succeeded in kidnapping the President's daughter. If they had determination, resources, and skills to do that, they wouldn't be letting us off easy. We are a threat.

I looked around, saw the sun through the trees.

"Guys," I said between strides, "Where... where are we?"

"Haven't the slightest," Foster said. Jagan was panting, holding his side in pain. He was keeping up with the rest of us, but I knew he wasn't going to be able to forever.

"I think we should find somewhere to hide, and find out where we are. Running aimlessly isn't going to get us anywhere but away. And it might be in the wrong direction."

"You know, dad, she's right," Dani said. "We need to get our bearings and head to D.C."

"Of course she's right, she's a West!" Crow put in, smiling crookedly at me.

"So, which direction is your suggestion?" Jagan said, trying to be funny, "Head to the right, or west?"

"Jagan," I smiled at him, "Honey? Shut up, okay?" He obeyed with a bemused look on his face.

" 'Honey?' So now he's 'Honey?' " Steve broke in.

"Okay, so the thing I told Jag to do? You do it too..."

I should have been looking where I was going. I tripped and fell over a rock protrusion and tumbled end over end down a ten-foot ravine. Apparently everyone should have been watching where they were going because, except Jagan, who had caught himself, we all fell over the bluff. It was an invisible ledge, and once I had seen it, it was too late.

We all landed with a solid thud. I picked up, and dusted myself off, feeling stupid.

"Well, that was just lovely..." Crow muttered. Jagan climbed down the rock-face; a more elegant (or perhaps not) descent than ours.

"Hey, guys?" Dani called from several yards away. "Come here."

We all went. She was staring at this section of stone covered with thick foliage. Vines, moss, branches and all manner of greenery draped down the side. It was quite pretty, actually.

"How's this for a place to hide?" She prodded the moss and finally moved it aside. There was a cave, well concealed, behind it.

"How lucky! Good goin' Dani!" Steve patted her on the back and entered.

"Let's all in," Foster motioned, "before any more of those d*mn Koreans find us."

We entered. My hand was on my gun as we swept the whole area to make sure the enemy hadn't already found this place.

Nope, nothing. Nothing but cool, damp rock.

It wasn't very deep, but it was comfortingly temperate and enclosed. All in all it was a good place to hide out.

Jagan slumped against the wall in a corner. I went and sat next to him. "How are you feeling?"

"Well enough. Just tired." He looked it.

"Mm..." I lifted up his shirt and checked his bandage. Nothing was leaking, so I took that to be a good sign. "You know, I've been thinking; with the ease that the Koreans got in and snatched her, and everything, I think our enemies may not just be from Korea. They could have gotten support from anti-government sects in the U.S. Like, mafias or communist favoring groups."

"Perhaps," he mumbled, staring at me.

I looked down, "I don't know; just a thought."

"Here's a thought," he said, and leaned forward. He kissed me, long and slow. I wanted to melt. When he broke the contact, he held my face in his hands and looked into my eyes meaningfully.

"Beth, I was worried. When the plane-- and-- I just thought that--"

I put a finger to his lips. "Shh. I'm here. We're okay. That's all that matters. Don't think about that."

He nodded, and kissed me again.

"Hey, you two, get a room," Dani said. We looked up and saw that everyone was staring at us. Would there ever be a moment alone? Ah, well, we are all kind of stranded in the middle of nowhere, presumedly. I guess not. Fine. I stood up. Jagan was blushing.

"Hey, boss," I called to Foster, at the risk of being shot, "I was thinking about somethin'." I told them what I had told Jagan about the Koreans.

"You know, kid, you might be right," he said.

"Yeah," Crow said with a contemplative look, "Which means that anyone we encounter... We can't trust anyone."

Suddenly, we heard sound outside the cave...

The End

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