Jagan: InstinctMature

I was carrying myself carefully and slowly, but still tried to look tall and confident. I kept glancing at Bethany, wondering if she had noticed I was bleeding. A lot.

I lifted my shirt to peek at the wound. It was bad, well it looked bad at least. It was a deep gash in my side, but I didn't know where it had come from.

I looked at Bethany once again, putting my shirt down, not wanting anyone to see me and worry. Bethany's hair was very pretty I noticed.

I started to walk over to her, I just needed to talk to her.

Suddenly, a sharp pain came from my side, "Ugh." I managed to groan.

I fell on the ground. Everything went black.


"Hey he's waking up." a voice said.

Everything was blurry as I opened my eyes, "What happened?" I asked.

"You passed out." Foster's voice said, sounding like he really wanted to get me back on my feet and going, "Scarecrow put a bandage on your wound while you were out."

"Oh right." I said, feeling kind of embarrassed.

Bethany smiled at me, "Well, you look better."

I blushed, "Thanks."

Scarecrow smiled slightly, but then immediately swallowed it.

"Get up man." Foster said, grabbing my hand and pulling me up.


"You should be fine," Scarecrow said, touching my wound, "it'll heal quick, I used a special medicine." he chuckled.

I raised an eyebrow, "What kind of 'special' medicine?" it was my turn to chuckle.

Foster rolled his eyes, "Guys stop goofing around, we have to move. You really think those Koreans are just going to let us walk to Washington DC?"

"Dad chill out, what could happen?" Dani asked, punching her father's shoulder lightly, and uncomfortably it looked like.

Suddenly, there was the sound of something coming at us from the bushes.

"Me and my big mouth." Dani said, as we all flipped out our guns.

We all got back to back and looked at the bushes.

I could hear everyone breathing very hard.

"We're being watched." Scarecrow whispered sharply.

I uncomfortably looked through my sights as my heartbeat raced.

"TEN 'O CLOCK!" Foster yelled.

I heard a gunshot.

I spun around to see a body laying in front of Foster, dead.

"Korean?" I asked, immediately regretting asking.

"Yes." he said, kicking the body over.

I took a deep breath, "Are we safe?"

"Not sure. Keep your guns out while we walk." he said.

He spoke too soon. The second the words left his lips, ten men burst out of the bushes, some holding machetes, others holding machine guns.

A blur of bullets and swinging of swords overcame me as I fell backwards onto my wounded side.

A man with a machete saw me and charged at me, screaming like a mad man. I lifted my pistol and shot him in the thigh. He kept running. I gasped, He's on drugs, so he's not going to go down easy! I fired another bullet right into his chest, but he kept running. He was now about four feet away. I looked through my sights and fired once again into his chest. He stopped in his tracks about two feet away from me. He took a deep breath and lifted his machete and screamed once more. I knew what I had to do. I started firing rapidly at him as he kept swinging like a mad man. I ran out of bullets, but he didn't give up. I rolled to the side, dodging a swing of the blade. I dropped the clip out of the pistol and flipped out another one out of my pocket, and stuck it in the pistol and shot one last time. He groaned, and blood covered him from head to toe. He fell forward and landed right on top of me. I threw him off and jumped to my feet, still pointing my pistol at him. Once I was sure he was dead, I spun around to see if there was anyone else.

Apparently, everyone else knew how to take out Koreans on drugs better than I did. All the other Koreans were laying dead on the ground.

Everyone took an adrenaline filled sigh.

We didn't even need to speak to each other. We began to run. We took off through the bushes and just kept running, "Everybody just shut up and follow me!" Foster said, jumping over a log.

I ran faster and faster breathing hard.

"Are you even sure if we're going the right way?!" Dani asked with sarcasm in her voice.

"It's instinct!" Foster replied.

The End

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