Jagan: Snakes on a PlaneMature

I sighed, Bethany seemed so far away, sitting only two rows down. I wanted to call to her, ask her to sit by me. But I couldn't, I didn't have the guts.

We were headed to Washington D.C. Why? I didn't know at the time. I didn't really worry about it either. I was too focused on Bethany, wondering if she hated me or not.

While I sat, I hummed a tune to myself. Actually, the tune was from a good ole' song I learned when I was only a kid. Some cheesy John Denver song, forgot the name. It was stuck in my head though.

After the plane had taken off, Scarecrow found his way into the seat next to mine.

"Hey." he said, looking as if he had something he needed to say.

"Yes?" I asked.

"How'd it go?" he asked me, winking.

"Fine." I said, not wanting to talk about it.

His smile disappeared, "What did you do to her?"

"Nothing!" I said, almost laughing, "She...well, nevermind."

"She kissed you didn't she?"

My eyes got wide, "How did you-"

"There has to be a reason why you guys haven't been talking to each other. We all know Bethany is in love with you, so she didn't say no to you. So, she kissed you, right?"

"Well, yes. But-"

"It's fine. I don't care, well, not really. But be fore warned. You hurt my sister, even once, I will shoot you."

"Message received." I said, half smiling.

Scarecrow got up and moved to another seat without another word.

I returned to humming that John Denver song, and staring at Bethany.

"Oh Beth you're killing me."

I pulled out my gun and put it to my chin, "Man do I want to pull this trigger." I put my gun away immediately, horrified at the thought of a mistake.

I sighed. I had a feeling the longest two hours of my life were about to begin.

And they were.


I hummed that John Denver song for like an hour. No joke.

The pilot kept saying we were getting really close to D.C. Though, we never were that close.

I stopped humming for a moment, as I started to hear a loud sound.

"What's that?" Bethany and I asked in unison.

Our eyes met for the first time that plane ride.

"What's that sound?" I asked again.

Foster looked slightly nervous, "Is there something wrong?" he asked the pilot.

"What do you mean?" the pilot asked nonchalantly.

The sound got louder.

"What is that?!" Foster yelled.

Suddenly, the plane sprung into a downward dive.

We all screamed, grabbing the arm rests of our chair.

"What's going on?!" Foster screamed at the pilot.

"Someone's trying to shoot us down!" the pilot yelled, rolling left.

We continued to scream as the plane started doing sudden jerks and rolls.

"Heat seeking missile?!" Scarecrow's voice came.

"I think so!" the pilot said, obviously not wanting to talk.

I closed my eyes, I should have quit yesterday!

The End

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