Bethany: Strictly ProfessionalMature

Jagan just asked me out! I wanted to scream inside. I'd been waiting forever... even if I'd only known him for... well, that doesn't matter.

I kissed him. The man. He just stood there. Dumb and shocked. Just like I expected.

I ran off, very embarrassed. I couldn't even believe that I'd done it. Come on, girl... he just asked you out. It's not like you're picking out curtains. Slow it down a bit.

This is what my rational self told me. But my reckless self was flying high and didn't care.

I ran off. Jagan called me back but I was so emotionally high that I didn't want to run him away with my giggling. Into the bathroom and a minute to calm down, then I hurried into the room where Foster was holding the briefing.

North Korea. Psh, doesn't surprise me. With the stuff that's been going on, and how they've been acting concerning war, it just fits that something like that would happen.

We all finished up and on the way out, Foster stopped me.

"I know you need you to watch out for yourself, but if you'd do me a favor--"

"I can keep Dani in my sights."

"Good, I just want someone, and you being a woman, it'd be great for you to, well, befriend her perhaps. This fathering is hard. And with her hard night last night."

"Yeah, I think you have on your hands a girl who likes to party. Well, sort of. But she's a good girl. I'll watch out for her like a big sister. Every girl can use that, and especially with her mother gone..." Uh oh. I'd hit a sensitive spot. STUPID! I wanted to smack myself on the forehead. He knew it to. But he didn't seem to mind.

"Right you are, Beth. Thanks. It means a lot to me. All right, lets head out to the airport, guys."

I sighed audibly. Jagan was lingering in the corner. I smiled at him.

No chance of keeping the relationship strictly professional.

The End

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