Foster Lewis: Into Round TwoMature

Well isn't that a nice way to start your day.

Bzzz bzzz bzzz. My phone's vibrating. Bzzz bzzz bzzz. And that's an emergency hotline call. Oh hello Mr. President. Your daughter? Oh, we'll be right on it.

Yeah, it doesn't happen quite like that but you get the gist. Here I was thinking we'd earned some good R n' R but having just escaped a first round knockout we're straight into round two with a massive new opponent.

Actually to be honest I'm kinda glad to have a job so soon off the bat. Being a father is damn hard work. I never knew I could worry so much. I mean sure it's natural that Dani goes out drinking and partying with her mates. Sure it's fine that she goes and sees guys she likes (not that she's ever told me that, I'm just guessing.) Heck I did all the same things before I rejoined the team. So why does it bug me so much? Jeez, the hardest part of being a parent is trying not to be clingy. I know I'd get real wound up if my dad was always breathing down my neck about where I was going and what I was doing and when I'd be back but now I think I understand why he'd do it. Then again I suppose there's not really any risk to Dani herself... she is a trained killer after all. Parenting is so frustrating. Jeez.

Back to the task in hand. The President's daughter has been kidnapped. God knows how they managed it. The security measures ought to be bliddy airtight around her, she should be practically untouchable. But apparently that's not the case. The story goes that the kidnapping happened just after a public rally. That's the public view anyway. The real facts are that the kidnapping took place during a secret treaty signing that was happening at the same time using the rally as cover. The President was believed to have been negotiating terms with South and North Korean officials on a treaty that would form a combined covert operation to track and unearth the roots of an extremist terrorist organisation operating out of the North Korean mountains. Ever since the North Korean government came out of isolation a few years back there has been constant turmoil in the country between those loyal to the old regime, the power hungry militaristic dictators, and the new government, a liberal party led by a man named Jung. They almost deteriorated into civil war but the UN formed a coalition force to quell the disturbance. That meant British and American soldiers. Mostly American soldiers. Ergo obvious motive for kidnapping of the President's daughter. Apparently a few delegates from the North Korean diplomatic emissary weren't quite as trustworthy as thought. The evidence reported to us so far suggests that during the conference these members made their way to the President's chambers using their diplomatic passes and proceeding to ghost away the President's daughter without anyone the wiser. According to local forensics they left minimal evidence at the scene and little could be done to trace them.

That's why they called us. SCIT. The very best for this job. Well, that's what I'd like to say. True enough, we're tough, resourceful, perceptive, precise, and lethal. But going up against the ousted regime in North Korea? That's practically starting a war against a terrorist cell spreading across an entire nation who are virtually impenetrable, undetectable, and maybe even armed with nuclear and biological weapons. And they have the President's daughter.

Well, no matter. I've called the team for a briefing and we're all just waiting on Dani now. That daughter of mine. She stayed out too late. I knew I should've given her a curfew. In any case the first port of call is D.C. That's where the trail starts so that's where we'll have to pick it up. There should be minimal physical threat as the Koreans will have fled the country ASAP but the real test will be in the crime scene, the President's quarters at the conference. If they were working for an international terrorist power then chances are they were professional, quick and clean. We had to find them or risk an all out war between the USA and the NK extremist cell. Talk about high stakes.

As Dani walked in I prepared my brief. Let's get this show on the road.

The End

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