Scarecrow: I'm sureMature

I was in Beth's eating when I got the call,



"It's Foster, we have a situation."

"What kind of a situation?"

"Two words mate, President's daughter."

I groaned inwardly. "Kidnapping?"

"It's a code 7." he replied his voice slightly strained. "We're thinking foreign political nuts. I'm sending you a download of the tapes, hang on."

I stood up and walked over to my laptop, the files were downloading.

"How's being a dad treating you?" I asked casually.

"She threatened to shoot  me in the foot today because I told her she was holding her gun a bit wonky."

"And you said?"

"No missions for a month, you're grounded with no allowance."

I laughed "I can guess what she told you to do then."

Foster snorted a little but didn't laugh. He must be very stressed right now. "She's a good kid Crow, good head on her shoulders."

I silently agreed. The files had downloaded and I opened them, a man's voice filled the room, his English wasn't great and his voice heavily accented.

"What do you think Crow? I'm thinking maybe eastern european?"

I sat back in the chair and sighed. "You should stop thinking now then cos I can tell you straight off, Korean."

"You sure about this Crow? This is big."

"I'm as sure about this as I am that I saved your daughter from getting her head blown off and annihilated my shoulder in the process." I stood up and walked back into the kitchen.

"We have to leave as soon as possible, get your ass in here right now." I realised Foster was worried this could turn into an assassination.

"But what about my triple bacon sandwich?..." I joked. Foster always laughed over how I loved my food. This time he remained silent.

"Bring it with you."

This was bad.

The End

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