Bethany: Another Case...Mature

I had hoped that perhaps there would be a bit of rest before SCIT took on another case.

Well, no such rest exists for us.

Jagan had stopped me in the hallway after returning to HQ. He gave me a daisy and started to ask me something (Until that nosy brother of mine butted in. Although, I was glad to see him out of the hospital.), and then I left them and went to the room where Foster (pretty much our new appointed team leader) had requested us to meet.

After a brief debriefing, he turned to a different matter. "We were almost killed."

Just then Jagan and Scarecrow entered. Jagan was blushing. Steve looked smug and satisfied. My brother must have said something to him. I caught Jagan's eye and smiled. His lips turned upward, but he quickly looked down, embarrassed.

"We were too close," Foster continued in his thick British accent that almost reminded me of some bad guy from an old spy move. All the evil super-genius villains are played by guys from England, right? A stupid stereotypical view, I think. There is no one more fitting to lead us than Foster Lewis, that's for sure. "While I'm in charge, that will not happen again. So no more crap. We are going to be smart and professional, does everybody understand?"

We all nodded our agreement.

"Furthermore, if any of you call me sir, I will shoot you on the spot."

I tried to hide my smile, but I believed him.

"Can we go?" Scarecrow asked and patted  his old friend on the back.

Foster sighed, "Guess so."

"You never were good at speeches." My brother laughed. Always seemed to be ribbing his old friend.

Jagan left for home in his new car (last one was blown up by a rocket launcher. Talk about something a crazed car-salesman would do to make a commission...), and Foster, with Dani, his new-found daughter, made for the apartment they were staying in at the moment. Steve drove us to my house.

"So..." he teased me, "What do you think about old Mr. Jagan Cover? Kinda seems to me you have the hots for him."

"What? Where's this coming from?" I shot back, defensive, and looking across at him from the passenger's seat.

He knew he'd hit a nerve. "Uh, nowhere. Never mind. Forget I said anything..." I wanted to wipe that smug grin off his face. Ah, just like old times.

As soon as we were in I flopped on the couch, exhausted. Crow made to pull out a couple of TV dinners from my freezer and threw them in the microwave. I flipped on the TV, kicked off my shoes and settled in. Normally at this time of day, all the programs were either soap operas or the like. Nope, news bulletins on all the channels. CNN. BBC. Everything had it posted.

The president's daughter had been kidnapped.

I heard the phone ring and Steve answering it. I just flipped through the channels.

"Hey, uh, sis?"


"Don't get too comfortable; looks like we're heading out again..."

I sighed heavily. Great. "Let me guess: Washington D.C.?"

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

I put my shoes back on and headed to my room to pack up some clean clothes. No rest at all. Didn't even get to shower.  "Ah, just a lucky guess..."



The End

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