Drake: Research



So I had a week to prepare for a mission to France , and help Myra become well suited for combat. Guess the easiest part is packing my bags, but I'm sure Crow and I could train Myra well enough, will that is if Crow doesn't mind me helping. Quickly going through any equipment I might need through my new locker in SCIT, I find some old broken trash from my few weeks in SCIT.

"I really should organize myself a bit more." I grumble at myself throwing away broken parts, and a few bullet shells until I find the only real Items I needed. After cleaning my locker and preparing for the trip I do a bit of research on current french government officials before leaving to go home.

"Nothing just another boring ,stuck up french official." I say finding my quest for knowledge becoming quite uneventful. Just before I shut the computer down I see a rather intriguing name 'Lasalle Moreau' I click for more information. I had heard that name before! The page loaded with a picture of a well dressed, lightly shaven man with green eyes, and well combed back black hair. I had also seen my Moreau before he was always checking up on investigations when SCMU had any contact with the french,not only that several french officers swore on their lives that the man was a double agent. I looked up his history, hoping that there would be some plausible suspicions of such a thing.

About an half an hour later still sitting on a spinning chair completely engrossed in the man's history. Lasalle started his career in DGSE or the Generale de la Securite Exterieure one of France's Intelligence agencies,  Lasalle's name from from out of the blue, he didn't appear to have existed in France before the sudden appearance , but that happens often to protect agents.During his many missions he went M.I.A for a few weeks but found in a hotel room in New York. The agency had him under surveillance for the next two year with no suspicions, but after the surveillance had ended, he was transferred to DRM Direction du Renseignement Militaire , and was promoted, since then has been a director of a secret squad. For me all of this is just to interesting but not as interesting as I had thought until more recent reports showed he had many contact inside of the french government and was indeed somewhat part of it. Well I guess if we meet him in France I will definitely keep an eye on him. Once all my work had been finished, I turned around seeing the clock read 8:00 pm. I quickly took my work and left it on my report bin before running outside knowing I was completely and utterly late.

The End

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