Jagan: First Impressions...

Foster motioned for everyone to follow him inside, most likely to the briefing room. But I had other plans. I was pretty upset about the whole "blowing up my car" thing. I mean, I had just bought a brand new freakin car! It was the best car I had ever owned, and after owning it for less than a day it blows up!

So, naturally, I wanted to find out who the heck thought he could get away with blowing up my car!!

My eyes shifted to Myra, who was walking towards the door to HQ. I reached out and grabbed a hold of her shoulder. I spun her around and smiled at her. "You are coming on a mission with me, let's go." I started to drag her along, but she pushed away my hand too quick.

I turned around and cocked my head. "Uhh...I said let's go."

Myra raised her eyebrows in a way that told me she didn't trust me quite yet. She looked down at her notepad and jogged something down on it.

I took it from her and read it. Foster wants us to go with him. I'm not going to disobey orders on my first day.

I smiled at the note and then looked back to see her already on her way up the stairs. I sighed and ran after her. I caught her before she opened the door. I threw her over my shoulder and started running down the steps. I made my way into the parking lot and ran straight up to the flames and shrapnel that was once my car.  Then I realized...well...you can't drive flames and shrapnel.

I set Myra down and rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly. Myra smiled smugly and stood up. She wiped the dust off of her clothes and nodded at me. She put out her hand for her notepad.

I rolled my eyes and handed it to her, a tad bit embarrassed.

Myra tossed back her hair confidently and walked back towards HQ. I slowly walked behind her, my eyes on the ground.

Great first impression Jagan... I thought to myself as I walked through the front door of HQ.

The End

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