Scarecrow: Sorry Jagan

I walked back into the dressing room and pulled on a new tshirt. I glanced at the shelf of my locker and smiled as I caught sight of Dani's birthday present. I needed to find the perfect moment to give it to her.

Grabbing my black jacket and gun I turned and walked out, saluting Jagan, Myra and the just arrived Drake as I pushed open the swinging door at the opposite end. "I'm going to the shooting range." I called.

I had barely made it twelve feet when I instinctively ducked as the flash of light indicating a sniper rifle caught my eye out the window. Glass shattered all around me just as the air was filled with the roar of an explosion.

I fired three shots at the balcony opposite and watched as a man dressed in black tumbled over the edge and fell to the tarmac below, alongside the burning wreckage of a car.

"What the HELL was that?" I heard from the other room and I pushed open the door and walked back into the main office

"Jagan's car." I replied watching as people picked themselves up from the floor.

"Awh man you are kidding me!" Jagan groaned.

"Nope, sorry Jag." I smiled briefly at Dani and winked at her before turning back to the others.

"Ok, we have a hit team, my guess is about six or seven. I already ghosted one guy so that leaves five or six. I think we should be cautious and believe that there are still six for the time being. Jag, you and Drake take the east wing and follow up through to the north. Dani, Myra, you come with me, we'll sweep the west and south wings. Rendezvous back here in 30 minutes."

I threw Jag a walkie talkie from the desk and pocketed one myself.

"We know this place better then they do." I turned and sprinted out the door and down towards the gun room in the west wing. I wanted a bigger gun.

The End

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