Scarecrow: Fleeting introductions

I walked into SCIT and past Jagan who was talking on the phone to someone. He seemed a little miffed but I paid absolutely no attention to him and walked into the weapons room.

I yanked open my locker and pulled out my spare Firestar. I wasn't in the best of moods. Being honest, I was a little worried about Beth but I knew she'd be ok with Mom and Dad. I just wasn't looking forward to the phone call from Mom telling me how I wasn't looking after Beth properly and blah blah blah.

I tucked the gun into it's holster and then took a deep breath. The smell of slept in clothes filled my nostrils and I decided that I should probably change. I yanked off my tshirt and it was then that I heard Jagan's voice. I didn't hear anyone else so I assumed he was talking to me and I walked out into the other room with my tshirt in my hand. "What you saying Jag?" I called and then I noticed the petite woman standing in front of him and I paused. "Oh. You're the new recruit." I tossed my tshirt so it was hanging over my shoulder and walked forwards. "Scarecrow West." I held out my hand and she shook it and nodded politely. I caught sight of a notepad in Jagan's hand and I glanced down at the scrawly purple writing, catching the name at the beginning. I didn't even have to read the note before it clicked. "You're mute." I said bluntly and she hung her head a little and blushed. "That's cool actually." I grinned and her head snapped up in shock as she stared at me. "I bet you're more observant then most people, and a good listener too, good listeners make great detectives."

I clapped Jagan on the back. "Show her around."

I turned and heard a flurry of movement from behind me. I turned my head back and saw her with her hand raised to her mouth as she stared at the scar on my back from when I had 'Scarecrow' branded onto my skin.

"SCIT isn't all paperwork Myra." my stare burned into her eyes and she shivered. "You've never done physical combat before have you?"

She shook her head slightly and held up a hand to signify that she had done a little.

"Not good enough if you want to survive in SCIT until 'The Stalker' is caught." I shook my head. "First thing tomorrow morning be here with loose clothes. I'm going to teach you self defence." I didn't even give either of them a chance to react before I turned and stalked back into locker room.

I was in the mood for some shooting practice.

The End

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