I walked through the streets heading to the new SCIT building, when I got a phone call from Jagan.

"Drake did you call for a new Recruit, because if you did I should remind you don't have the power to do that!" He sounded angry.

"A new recruit?"I asked sounding ignorant.

"Yes a new bloody recruit. Don't play dumb with me Drake they said that you called for her."

"Yes, Jagan I did."

"Why?" He sounded exasperated.

"Well Beth isn't going to be here for a while so I took the liberty of getting a temporary replacement." I said.

" You don't have the right to!!", A door opened in the background and Jagan went silent, " I'm going to talk to you later, she is here now." Jagan said sounding completely calm, before hanging up.

I didn't see the huge problem with having a temporary replacement, well maybe besides the fact it was me who called for her without asking anyone, but everything should be fine. I looked at the time on my cell it was quarter after twelve, and a sudden realization my stomach hadn't been filled since four in the morning, had me running to the closest burger joint. I walked out of the fast food restaurant holding four bags of frozen food galore. I hoped everyone at SCIT was hungry. Just a few blocks away from SCIT's office , I catch a glimpse of a bald man wearing dark sunglasses, and a trench coat. I thought nothing of it until I entered SCIT and I saw him lurking around the corner of the street. I tried to shake it out off my mind, "Its probably just coincidence." I muttered to myself. I tried to convince myself of this as I stood in the elevator waiting for it to arrive on the office floor, it felt like forever until the doors opened.

"Hey who is hungry? I got burgers and fries for everyone!" I call

The End

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