Scarecrow: Forbidden Files

I sat at the desk with my head in my arms and sighed. Every road I took seemed to have a dead end. I hated paperwork, and sitting at a desk bugged me.

Pulling myself to my feet I took a stroll down to the training area and took my gun out for a little target practice.

I hit every target first shot and sighed.


Then my mind began to work and I turned and hurried back to my desk.

I pulled the database up again and scanned through the files to see what I could find on the stalker. Nothing. Zip, zada, zilch!

This guy was dangerous, he was precise.


He knew where we were and what we were doing at all times it seemed.


Then suddenly it jumped out at me with big flaming red letters and that cold calculated voice. "File access, Denied."

"What?!" I looped back around and tried again.

"File access, Denied."

Hang on a minute....

I grabbed a sheet off the table and began to write.

Someone high up has to have something to do with this, or an ex-someone high up. Access codes, unchanged for five years wasn't it? This guy, he knows too much about us. He also knew Foster was going to go for a kill and had a decoy. Something just wasn't adding up.

Finally it clicked in my head and I turned back to the computer.

Time for some code cracking.

"Let the numbers begin." I muttered as I started to type.

Twelve hours and fifteen cups of coffee later I lay slumped forward onto the desk, face firmly planted in the mass of paper, covered in my own handwriting.

A noise made me wake suddenly and I sat up with a start to see Foster and Jagan standing in the room, Foster holding a piece of paper and Jagan staring over his shoulder with a look of disbelief on his face.

"That has to be the sloppiest handwriting I've ever seen Crow." Jagan clearly hadn't been able to read the mountains of code I had scribbled out, but Foster understood.

Ex-military code. High up.

"You sure about this Crow?" he stared at me solemnly and I nodded as I licked my lips, trying to give my mouth some moisture before I began to form words.

"This is serious." He looked worried.

I opened my mouth and finally found my voice.

"As a heart attack."

The End

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