SCIT #4: One Step from Hell

The Special Crime Investigation Team is BACK! And they're better than ever!

Jagan sighed and tossed a can of soda back into the garbage behind him. He rolled his wheelie chair out into the hallway, and then over to Beth's door. "Hey Beth!" he called.

"Yeah?" she called back.

"Please explain to me again why this 'vacation' is so important to you!"

"Jagan, can you leave me alone? All this fighting has turned me into a maniac! I need some time to relax," she called back in an annoyed tone.

"Right, right. Still don't see why I can't come..." Jagan said with another heavy sigh. He rolled his chair back to his office and slumped into his chair.

"Sure wish Foster was here." Jagan said to himself. "He could talk her out of going."

Suddenly, the phone rang. Jagan picked it up, assuming it was for him. Well, more like he was hoping it was for him. "Jagan Cover of the Special Crime Investigation Team here."

"Hello Jagan, your new recruit is on her way."

"Recruit? Who hired a new recruit?"

"A man named Drake Bradens called about a week ago and asked for her."

"Oh," Jagan said, rolling his eyes. Drake doesn't have the power to do that! What an idiot!  He thought with a sigh.

"She'll be there shortly."

"Thanks." Jagan hung up the phone and took one more deep sigh. "I think for once in my entire career, I'm having a slow day."

The End

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