Foster: Something to Remember

Goddamn that hurts! My body screams pain, my brain registers muzzle flash and the snarl of a .50 cal Desert Eagle, my reflexes tell me to drop out of line of sight and fire back before I die. I drop alright. If only because of the bullet lodged in my leg. I look up from the floor, expecting any second to hear the second shot, waiting for the second bullet that'll end my life. I'm bloody relieved when it doesn't come. Instead I see a masked man, fairly tall and nondescriptly dressed, a pistol in his hand and Jagan standing between him and me. I heave myself back up against the wall and level my gun. In that second he looks straight at me, the eyes behind that mask glinting with a cold, dark smile. Then he runs. Jagan dives at him but too slow, he flings himself out of the window and I hear a gunshot which drops a curtain, Jagan tears it down, ready to fire, and stops. He lowers his weapon and glances back at me. He got away.

I struggle to get to my feet, giving up once I realise that it's a futile exercise. I slump back and exchange a look with Jagan as Drake comes into the room.

"What the hell just happened?" he asks.

"Stalker shot me," I reply.

"Then jumped out the window and ran," Jagan finishes.

"Wow, I'm holding the rearguard for ten seconds suddenly all three of us are wounded."

"Yeah, well so long as you got all of those guys back downstairs we don't have anything else to worry about for now do we?" I retort as Jagan lifts me to my feet. "Remove the round and stop the bleeding. We can finish up proper treatment later. We've gotta move."

Jagan cuts a sleeve of his combat jacket off with a knife as a bandage while Drake uses his own knife to dig the round out of my leg. I know I've already said it but GODDAMN THAT FRICKEN HURTS. Eventually I was patched up and ready to move. For a moment we just stood around in the room awkwardly, none of us really sure what to do next.

"What now?" Asked Drake.

"Now we swipe what we can from here and get after the others."

"Yeah, except we've got no idea where they are exactly," Jeez Jagan's getting lippy these days.

CRACK. A gunshot.

"We do now."

We grab a load of computer hard drives and disks from from room and fill our pockets. At least we did a good job of screwing up the Stalker's operations. He left a load of intel behind for us when he made his escape. We follow him out the window and run as best as we can, given that all three of us have been shot in recent times, towards the gunshot noise. We arrive on the scene, Beth, Dani and Crow, along with two dead bodies. They got 'em.

"Aren't you guys a sorry sight, hobbling around like you're all Foster's age." Crow grins at me and gives a salute. I don't fail to notice his other arm around Dani but hey, what can I say, they were bound to become an item sooner or later. Dani herself starts to flap the moment she notices I'm injured; "OhmyGodDadyou'vebeenshothowcouldyouletthishappen

-pause for breath-


I can't help but laugh, as I try to calm her down.

"It's fine Dani, I'm not seriously hurt, Jagan and Drake patched me up good and proper, you can just calm-"

"No I'm not calming down!" She glares defiantly, but her eyes soften in a moment and she sighs. "We killed her Dad. We absolutely fricken killed her." Her voice is somewhere in between satisfaction and fear.

"It's a bit different when it's personal isn't it? Don't worry about it getting emotional. When you have to kill someone like that you just have to do it. Don't worry about anything afterwards."

"But I was so angry, I was gonna lose myself, I thought I was gonna go totally-"

"Shh." I cut her off. "We've already got one nutter in the team haven't we Steve?"

"Alright, old man, no need to push the nutter's buttons eh?" He winks menacingly. "Who shot you anyway?"

"It was the Stalker we reckon. He was here the whole time, just watching. I guess we did catch him off guard though, but he managed to escape with such ease. He's a dangerous character this guy. Jagan was-" I glance over my shoulder to see him entangled in Beth. "Well Jagan is busy with your sister right now but he was there and saw the Stalker..."

I smirk a little at Crow as I see a hint of annoyance cross his features. "Well, Sherlock old man, he ain't the only guy who's busy," and with a devilish grin he takes Dani and kisses her. I mean like properly properly kisses her. Right in front of me.

For a moment I just gawk, utterly dumbfounded.

"Uh, this is a bit awkward huh. Is it always like this?" Drake taps me on the shoulder.

"I ain't kissing you Drake, if that's what you're thinking." I grin at him as well. "And yeah get used to it, it's always like this." I give it a minute before I get everyone moving. "Right people let's get out of here. Bad guys are dead and you guys can snog all you like in your own time, move it!"

Jerry and Marissa ain't bothering us anymore, most of their mafia goons have bullets in 'em and while we're not tip top, none of us are dead. Good day at the SCIT office. I rub my injured leg idly. The Stalker's given me a little something to remember him by. He's gone and it's over for now. I take out the data disk I swiped from the base from my pocket. It's over for now. But when I find him, I'm gonna have to give him something to remember me by too.

The End

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