Dani: trigger.

I don't know what came over me. I mean, I was well used to fighting- killing- people who had threatened our lives, it was a matter of instinct. But her? Ohhh, it was so much more than that. To sound awfully like a character in an action movie sequel- this time, it was personal.

I couldn't help but feel that the first time my clenched fist slammed into her face- which was sporting a mildly stunned expression, having just turned round to see us three standing there. I wouldn't blame her open mouthed reaction: me and Beth were feeling a particular bloodlust this day- it felt really satisfying. As if this was the solution to my problems, which it wasn't- well, if you thought about it, it was really. The b*tch had tried to kill us God knows how many times. It was justified, all part of a the job in my line of work. Which is why I carried on. Each time my arm reloaded punches automatically, I could feel Beth itching to do the same. It was the inevitable air of revenge hanging on the atmosphere. Revenge mixed with..lots of things. I'm sure there was a punch for each, until finally there was a splintering crunch of foreign bones making contact, and a crack as I felt my knuckle knock Marissa's nose significantly. She stepped back, her face scrunched into itself, and I saw her hands fly to the blood on her skin as she doubled over and shrieked in pain. For a moment I felt some humility toward this woman. I mean, I was pretty proud of the handiwork- each Steve winced slightly. But I was causing her a fair deal of pain by the sound of it-

'...you little b*tch!' It was then that I remembered who I was talking about. Yeah, that little toerag. I turned to Beth: 'Did you hear what she called me?'

'Oh no she didn't!' It's times like this when the phrase two SCIT agents are better than one really comes into force. Hell, I wasn't even sure she was going to last another minute with us taking any chance we could get. I heard some struggle behind me, and turned to see Steve with his grip firmly on Jerry's shoulder, who was clutching the former's leg. I cocked my head in mild confusion: that was not a patch on the whaling Beth was giving Marissa.

'What the-?' I murmured to myself, still watching this strange scene, before I felt two hands fly to my neck, and was tackled roughly to the floor. I glared up at Marissa, whose blooded mess of a face grinned distortedly down at me. I saw a drop of blood roll in slow motion down her chin and onto my nose. 'You thought you could take me on, did you?' She laughed bitterly, her broken nose shifting to the side as she spoke, and I grimaced. She must have taken this as a sign of fear. 'Scared?'

'Don't flatter yourself.' I muttered, and tried to jump up, but she shoved me back down again at the throat. I'd forgotten this woman had killed her own sister. Marissa pulled a gun clumsily from her side with her one free hand, and cocked the trigger to my forehead, giving me a second to accustom myself to the cold metal against my temple. Steve turned from Jerry's motionless body, and I heard him running over.

'Don't!' I yelled. Marissa looked from Jerry to me, and smiled at Steve. 'One good turn deserves another...'

A shot rang out and my eyes widened as I saw Marissa's face turn pale, and the weight of her body slumped onto my side. I shuffled out and jumped up, to see Beth holding her gun out still. I stared dumbly, and said the first thing that my mouth could generate:


The End

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