Jagan: Three injured men...

After what was probably the most intense moment of my life, I followed Drake and Foster down the snowy hill. We were stealthy, but fast.

As we neared their GPS signals, there was a sudden explosion. It sent us all flying onto our backs. We laid there for a moment, out of fear that someone was hiding in the trees. But when we were sure there was no one around, Foster made the motion for us to move in.

I held my L85 proudly as we slid into the shadows of the forest and laid low.

Foster slowly lifted his hand and pointed at a nearby building. He held up three fingers.

We all knew what that meant.

We lifted our guns slowly and aimed at the building.

He held up two fingers.

I rested my finger against the trigger.

He held up one finger.

I took a deep breath.

He yelled, "RUN!"

We leaped over the bushes and ran as fast as we could towards the building, while aiming.

We ran into the building and Foster yelled, "SCIT MEMBERS SAY I!"

For a moment there was no reply, so Foster said one last time, "SCIT MEMBERS SAY I!"

"I!" we heard a voice call.

Suddenly, out from a door came a man holding two automatic pistols in each hand.

We stared at him for a moment and then simultaneously shot him.

"We're over here!" the voice said again.

It sounded like Beth's voice, so I ran towards it. Before I rounded the corner I shot at the wall. A tactic I learned from my dad when I was younger. Always shoot a wall before you go around a corner. If there's someone hiding by the corner, they'll freak and start shooting.

No shots were heard, so I ran around the corner and into a room. There was no one there. I raised an eyebrow and looked around, just as Foster and Drake entered. I looked over at a little radio that was sitting there.

I walked over to it and looked closely at it.

Suddenly, I heard the voice again, "We're over here!"

It was a recording. The radio was playing the sound.

We all knew what had happened. We had fallen right into the Stalker's trap.

Foster ran over and grabbed the radio, ripping off the front. There was a bomb inside. We all gasped in shock as Foster threw it on the ground.


Foster looked at me like I was a complete idiot, "I'm ex-military! I know what kind of a bomb this is. Throwing it on the ground won't set it off. The timer can only be stopped with a code, but I'm no hacker."

"Beth is." I said.

"Where the h*ll are they?!" Foster yelled in frustration.

I looked at the bomb again, then back at Foster, "Shouldn't we...I don't know...RUN?!"

"No. This isn't right." Foster said, rubbing his chin.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Why now?" Foster asked, obviously talking to himself.

"What are you talking about?" Drake asked, stepping forward.

Fifteen seconds.

"The Stalker has always been watching us. He could easily take us down at anytime. But he has chose not to in the past."

"But he said he wants to take us out one by one." I protested.

Ten seconds.

"Exactly. So Crow should be in our position not us... don't you think that this just seems a little bit strange?"

"Yes, but should we really sit here wondering why he's trying to kill us? Or should we RUN!?"

Five seconds.

Foster grabbed onto me, "Don't run. If he really wants to kill us, this bomb is probably powerful enough to take out the whole building."

The timer reached zero.

The bomb made a loud screeching sound, but it didn't explode.

"Told ya." Foster said with a smirk, kicking the radio.

I frowned, "I don't understand."

"Obviously the Stalker doesn't want us in here... he wanted us to run outside..."

"Why?" I asked, looking around the room.

"Maybe..." he hummed, thinking to himself. Suddenly, his eyes grew wide. "I know what's going on."

I looked over at him and raised an eyebrow, "What?"

Foster grabbed my arm and pulled me to the window. "Stay low."

Drake got low as well. "What's going on here!?"

"The Stalker is here."

Drake and I looked at each other. I looked at Foster with a confused look, "Why would he be here?"

"I think he's actually HERE."

"You've made it clear that you think he's here." Drake said, rolling his eyes.

Foster pounded the wall with frustration, "No! I think the Stalker is in the building."

We all got wide eyed and looked around. "Where is he?" I asked.

"Probably under this very room is my guess, that's why he didn't want it to actually explode." Foster guessed.

I nodded.

Foster pointed at a table in the corner of the room, "That is oddly placed, move it."

Drake and I ran over and threw it to the side. There was a secret door.

We all aimed our guns at the door, and slowly opened it.

It was all dirt. Foster motioned for Drake to go in first, so he did. Drake jumped down and yelled, "Clear!"

We followed after him and saw that it was an entire room. There was another door that Drake was sitting beside, readying his gun. We kicked down the door and ran in, to see at least twenty mercenaries standing there. They all open fired on us, and we dove for cover.

Suddenly, the firing stopped.

We lifted our heads and saw the mercenaries point their guns at us, looking as though they were going to shoot us, but they didn't.

We stood up and aimed our guns at them.

Foster looked at me, and gave me a look that just told me to shoot. So I did. I switched the L85 to automatic, and started blasting away at all the mercenaries. Suddenly, the mercenaries dove for cover as well. And a figure in the shadows began to run.

Foster frowned and yelled, "COVER! You take the Stalker, we got these bums!"

I ran past the mercenaries, without them even attempting to stop me. I knew it was a trap, but I ran anyway. I followed the figure all the way up the stairs and to the left, where he was against a wall.

I smiled and said, "Turn around now. Nice and slowly."

The figure turned around. He was wearing a clown mask and he was holding headphones. I raised an eyebrow as I pointed the L85 directly at his heart.

"I should just shoot you right now. All our problems would be over."

I just knew he was smiling under that mask. I knew it. I took a step forward.

Is this the Stalker? Would he really be out in the field like this?

Suddenly, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around, to see Foster just coming up the stairs.

I looked back at this could-be-Stalker, to see he was holding a desert eagle. He fired once, only once. I heard Foster yell in pain. I turned around to see a bullet hole in his leg, and him against a wall. I looked back at the man, who now darted to the right.

I ran towards him, but gasped as he leaped out the window. I ran towards the window and looked out, to see him fire a gunshot. It looked like it was at me, but it wasn't. He hit right above me. A curtain fell down at that instant. In frustration I grabbed the curtain and ripped it out of my way. I aimed out the window, just to see he was gone.

That was the Stalker. And he got away.

I looked over at Foster, who was trying to get up, but wasn't succeeding too well.

Great, too injured men. I thought to myself.

Then a short, but excruciating pain shot through my chest. I looked down and remembered the shotgun incident.

Make that three injured men.

The End

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