Scarecrow: Catfight

I paused to think for a moment and then became acutely aware of the fact that I was standing in between two women that were both holding weapons and that both had murderous expressions on their faces.

We crested the hill just in time to see a tall man with a mask on climb into a helicopter and it took off. Jerry and Marissa stood at the corner of the helipad, completely unaware of the fact that they were now, toast.

The noise of the chopper hid our approach and as it vanished over the trees Marissa turned around only to have Dani punch her in the face.

"What the..?" Jerry made a move to pull his gun but I pressed the barrel of my rifle to his head and stared him in the eyes.

"Drop it."

He did.

I kicked the gun away and then made him get down on the ground and put his hands on the back of his head. Then, keeping my foot firmly planted on his back, I turned to the fight behind me.

Dani lay into Marissa, one punch after the other. There was a crunching sound and a spray of blood came from Marissa's nose. I winced as she bent double and screamed in agony. "My nose you little B---h!!" she howled and Dani turned to Beth. "Did you hear what she called me?" Beth dropped her gun and rolled up her sleeves. "Oh no she didn't!"


And suddenly it was schoolyard tactics again.

I decided to deal with Jerry myself and so I rolled him over with my foot and placed the barrel of the gun on his chest. "Start talking Jerry boy."

"What do you want to know?"

God that was easy...

"Who was that in the chopper?"


"Who's Him?"


Suddenly his eyes bulged and he began to cough. Foam began to come out of his mouth as he curled up in the foetal position on the ground. "No!" he choked suddenly grabbing the leg of my trousers and staring up at me. "He can hear everything." he spluttered. "We're all fitted...with...self destruct.... device.."

He convulsed but kept a tight hold on my trousers and I bent and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Who is he??"

"The Stalker."

And with that Jerry Montgomery fell backwards, and breathed his last.

The End

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