Bethany: She's Goin' Down. Period.

The new kit was sure something. The assault rifle I carried now felt more like an extension of my arm than something separate. I suppose that's the point, though. I've been using more firearms in the last several months than I ever have in my life. I felt naked without a cold metallic piece touching my hip or in my grip. But this lovely stuff that Foster had procured was surely something-- I made a quick mental note to thank him later on, but, honestly, my thoughts was on something entirely different.

I was worried about Jagan, sure. It was a nagging stab in the back of my mind, but I had pushed it there to bring my attention to a different kind of passion. One that was nearly as strong and the fervor I felt for Jagan, and twice as fierce at the moment.


At the risk of sounding like a Sith Lord stereotype, I could feel the darkness coursing through me, giving me focus. My adrenaline was flowing freely. I was ready. Nothing could touch me, I was channeling my inner Scarecrow. As long as I didn't get cocky, I was invincible. I threw myself at the target with complete abandon.

I heard nothing that anyone said as Dani, Crow and I went to find Marissa. I heard only the sounds of our footfalls, the slight metallic clinks of our guns as we moved, and our breathing.


The name was like a loathsome curse to me.

So lost was I in the thought of killing that... well... that I didn't notice that the others had stopped until Dani called my name for the third time.

"Beth!" she hissed.

I turned and strode back to them, silently. Dani was eying me with suspicion and my brother had a look of pure annoyance on his face.

"Did you hear what I said?" He asked slowly, enunciating each syllable with care.

"I'm sorry?" I said uncertainly.

He sighed heavily and Dani cocked a hip, looking right beastly with the rifle held in her free hand.

"Bethany! You need to pay more attention! Listen to me!" He insisted.

"I'm sorry." I muttered. "Say it again."

"Okay, now we're going after two targets here: Marissa and Jerry." The way he spat those names showed that we shared the same affection for them. "Hopefully they will both be in the same location so we shouldn't need to split up." He glanced at Dani, and I knew instantly that he didn't want to part from her if he could help it. "But if push comes to shove, they will try to force us to choose one target to focus our fire on. If that happens--"

"I'm going after her," I cut in.

"Beth, you can't--"

"Yes. I can. And I will. There's no stopping me, Steve. I want to be the one to do it."

He heaved another sigh as we turned and continued our trek. "Won't even try to argue; I remember we both have the West hard-head stubbornness. I know that very well."

"You're right not to try to stop me. I will kill her."

Steve chuckled darkly. "I'd like to be there to see you do it."

Dani broke in: "Then lets get at 'em. Get this done so there'll be some time to grab some popcorn before Bethy knifes the b*tch."

I chuckled, recognizing in her voice the protectiveness Dani was feeling for Crow. It was the same thing I felt about Jagan. A similar thing to how I felt about my brother. It made a girl's claws come out. And well suited to her ferocity was the growl that ripped from her throat when the ones she loved were threatened.

I readied my weapon as we came up on the scene that would soon be splattered red with that whore's blood. And it would hurt... believe me, she would suffer. I wasn't horrified with myself the way I knew I should be. This was justified.

Tightening my grip on the G36, I muttered in a low, hoarse tone, not unlike a growl.

"She's goin' down. Period."

The End

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