Foster: Situation

The radio chatter went wild as I heard explosions and contacts taking off all over the place. What the fxck? I though I told them to keep it on the down low? Hit the targets clean kill? I guess things just don't normally go to plan with us.

"Foster...I cc... got ene... ppor.."

Crow was basically unintelligible. I had no choice. I ran in the direction of the gunfire. As I came into view I saw Crow spread out on the ground, the snow around him dyed with the blood of his enemies, one remaining soldier stood above him with weapon raised. I started to aim my crossbow, fear gripping at me, would I fire too late? Just as my target popped into my crosshairs his head snapped back and a plume of claret issued from the back of his skull as he collapsed like a puppet cut from its strings. Dani stood to my right, rifle in shoulder. "Nobody shoots my Scarecrow."

Drama over for now we regrouped. Except Drake wasn't there. Fxck somebody help me. What's the point in trying to plan an op at all when everyone just goes and does their own thing anyway? Jeez...


"Dani, Crow and Beth, go find and kill Marissa and Jerry. I'll get Drake and Jagan, wherever the hell they are."

It occurred to me that this was a very convenient time for Drake to be vanishing. If he was an enemy agent he'd've just scuppered our plans good if it hadn't been for Dani. Crow would be dead, Jagan missing and Marissa and Jerry long gone. Fxck I hoped Drake had a good reason for being gone. We split up again in search of our targets. What really worried me was if Drake wasn't a spy and wasn't answering his radio what sort of trouble had he gotten himself into...

The End

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