Drake: Shrapnel, bullets, and blood


After the rock exploded, I lost sight of Crow, more explosions went off with screams and shouts, followed by more gunfire. I get out of the trees , an entrance to the facility was left completely unguarded. I quickly slip inside , staying in the shadows, it is relatively easy, since the lights are dimmed or damaged, darkening the halls. I don't think we are the only ones here shooting people , but who else would be? I put it out of my mind, and continue onwards. Footsteps echoed from behind me . I crouch and press my self up against a storage container, and hoped to every single person I cared about they didn't see me.

"No one has found them yet, they couldn't have left. Their only ride was just destroyed." A man says frustrated. I believe 'them' meant Marrisa and Jerry.

"That's not true! They have several Jeeps in the underground garage."Another says

" But no one has seen the two leave, meaning they are still lurking about ,or SCIT has got them."

"For our sakes, lets hope they are still lurking about." One says as the large group of men pass by me, I held my breath as they did so. "Please don't see me!" I yell in my head.

" Lets get setup in the underground garage cutting off any escape." One orders and the others just salute then run in front of him down the hall. I slink back out after holding my breath for what felt like hours. With my knife ready, I could make the kill at anytime, but before I did I hope to glean more information.

I follow the man until we reach the underground garage. It was massive ,and had many modes of transportation. Snowmobiles, ATV's , Land Rovers , and a few motorbikes. On the right side was a large supply of ammunition, and weaponry, this wasn't just some poorly run mob, this was a organized group of people willing to kill anyone or anything standing in its way. The leader walks down a flight of metal stairs, just as I was about to follow him, behind me gunfire , and the sounds of running erupted. Crap. I roll out of the way of a hail of bullets. As I roll out of danger, I expose my self to the enemy in front of me.

They immediately start taking shots at me. I'm stuck between a hostile place, and a very hostile place, with nowhere to possibly go. I start shooting back, and soon I found both factions have there guns trained on me. I hop over the railing onto a large box marked, volatile/explosive. The idiots shoot anyways. I jump off the box and run for my life as as small explosion destroys part of the garage in a massive ball of flames. I'm sent flying forwards , and I hit the concrete floor hard, my ears ringing. I slowly get up my body shaking, I put my hand down to get up. My hand lands into a sticky pool of blood, at first I think it can't be mine, I don't hurt anywhere. Then I feel the warm fluid flowing down my leg, I look at myself , a huge hunk of shrapnel sticking out of abdomen, I was in or going into shock. I try to move but my body doesn't respond, it slowly becomes colder. Across the room I see flashes from the muzzles of guns. The world slows as two bullets hit me sending me to the ground.

It feels like ages before I hit the ground. I'm going to die here , and there is nothing I can do about it, absolutely nothing. My peripheral vision begins to close as people surround me. Their mouths open but I can't hear a word. I pass out for what feels like a second, I wake up on the floor of a cold truck still bleeding, what are they doing? Maybe SCIT saved..... Nope a unfamiliar looking man with the same tattoo I saw from Crow's man walked in , no this was worse then dying, the enemy was going to try to keep me alive.

The End

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