Scarecrow: Bad Move

Gaaahhh!! Drake you idiot!

I trained the sniper rifle on enemy units as fast as I could and started picking them off, each one I caught running for cover until I saw one guy crouched down and I got him in the crosshairs and grinned as I went to pull the trigger. I was humming to myself as I took them out but when I reached this guy I stopped.

"One banana, two banana...oh... oh S--t!!"

I threw myself into a roll down the hill as the snow exploded. Damn guys have a bazooka! I crawled to the spot where Drake lay hidden and crouched down beside him. "Go left." I hissed and he looked at me confused. "What? But I..."

"Just break left on my mark!!"

I pulled a knife from my boot and his eyes widened. "Steve you can't go in there like that!" I grimaced and shook my head as I turned to look at him. Suddenly the gunfire stopped and everything went deadly silent. "I'm not Steve right now Drake. I'm Scarecrow." and I rushed out yelling "GO GO GO!"

Drake ran left for the cover of the trees and I ran forwards. The rocks we had been using for cover exploded behind us and I saw the guy with the bazooka trying to reload fast but I got there before he could, dodging bullets as I ran full pelt. "No you don't!" I threw the knife and he fell backwards with a cry as it got him in the throat.

"Need this back!" I muttered as I ran past and pulled it out in one fluid movement. He lay twitching on the ground, blood staining the snow red. "Sorry mate." I thought as I kept running through the gunfire. I preferred to finish the job and make it clean but I was in a rush to stay alive.

"DANI, BETH, FOSTER, where the HELL are you guys?" I shouted into the transmitter. It crackled to life and I heard Foster's voice. "Crow...need...out...can't....firepower...stop..." Great, trust me to have a bad signal when I needed it.

I paused behind a rock and caught my breath. "Foster I can't hear you, what's wrong?" I shouted.

"Get....too...lots...many... too many... too" I couldn't understand him at all. "Foster I can't hear you! This is so crackly!"

I did something stupid then. I stood up thinking I'd get a better signal if I did. I thought I'd hear them better.

I was right in a way. I did hear them better. Well.. I heard Beth and Dani.

Beth's voice was faint but I heard her alright. "YOU IDIOT STEVE DON'T STAND UP AND DONT STAND THERE! DON'T STAND THERE!!!!"


I turned around just as Dani's voice echoed across the valley in a scream. "SCARECROW RUN!"

I took off in the complete wrong direction just as the ground beneath me exploded and found myself face to face with a tall man holding a gun. "Don't move Scarecrow." he spat the name with disdain and I froze. "You can't win." I said simply but he glared at me. "Oh really? I think I have."

Then he aimed the gun at my chest and grinned evilly. "Say goodbye." he sneered and then his head half exploded and he fell to the ground.


Dani stood there with a rifle in her hand and a grim expression on her face.

"Nobody shoots my Scarecrow." she informed the dead body before turning to me.

"Let's go, quick!"

I followed her in wonder.

My Scarecrow..... I felt strangely happy.

The End

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