Jagan: The Sounds of War

There was a clunking sound as the helicopter landed, I saw Marissa jump down and start walking down the snowy hill. I waited a little bit longer, to make sure there was no one else in the helicopter. I flipped out my pistol and checked its ammo.

"Crap!" I whispered sharply to myself, realizing I only had one extra clip left. I flipped out a silencer, which I always kept handy, and attached it.

I sighed and slowly let myself down onto the ground. I laid there for a moment, waiting for the sharp pain in my chest to stop. It took a couple of seconds before the pain finally stopped. I put my hand on my chest and felt the small bullet hole. I reached in with my fingers and pulled out the bullet, which started excruciating pain, but I pulled it out anyway. I tried not to even groan quietly.

Finally, I was ready. I rolled out from under the helicopter. I stood up and rubbed my hands together. It was really cold. I walked slowly down the hill, following the footsteps in the snow.

I saw some trees down below and started for them, when suddenly...


I spun around, flipping out my gun to see the helicopter explode. The explosion sent a heat wave into me, which finally warmed me. I smiled and raised my gun and started creeping down the mountain again. I knew that the SCIT had arrived, but I knew it wasn't time for us to reunite just yet.

Once I entered the trees I started sprinting down the mountain, still following the footsteps. I kept running and running. Hearing the sounds of war all around me.

The End

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