Drake: BOOM!

I chased after Crow , not only was the guy taller his strides where longer and we were trying to move as fast , but as quietly as possible. My assault rifle was securely clipped in on camo suit, meaning nothing was banging around making noise. We broke the tree line , and we had a clear view of the safe house and the helipad that approximately 20 meters from the building. I take the rifle out and search the compound through the scope, I couldn't see the others,or Jagan, but could definitely see the amount of guards around the entrances , and around the helicopter. There is no way we where disabling that helicopter without causing too much noise, but it could be a provided distraction for the others.

" I'm radioing Foster, anything you want me to say to him?" Crow says.

" Yeah, if hasn't already seen the compound its heavily guarded and to infiltrate the building I would say a large scaled distraction should be in order, and from up here the south entrance seems to have the most slack on security."

Crow radio's Foster , I bring my scope back to the helicopter.

Two chain fed turrets, two snipers, and 3 men standing around with assault rifles. They where definitely high security and prepared for us. I was confident though Crow and I could easily dispatch the men shoot the rotor on the back or shoot off an explosive ,and be done with the helicopter but for it to work we would have to be the first ones to pull the trigger. Draw the attention, while the security is loose , and at the same time allowing the others to get in without to much resistance. Crow finishes talking.

" So do we pull the trigger?" I ask, lifting my head away from the scope.

"Once we get into position for your grenade launcher to be in range. To blow it to apart so we don't half to worry about the rotor still working, if we think we hit it." Crow says.

" Alright." I say looking down the small hill. I pat the snow it wasn't going to break away or so I thought, I wasn't prepared to do a full check.

We slide down a bit stealthy traverse until we are in striking distance of the grenade launcher.

" Snipers first, one chain fed each then the soldiers carrying the assault rifles." Crow whispers. I didn't disagree at all.

" Alright Foster we are in position and bringing the thunder." Crow says into the radio, " Ready? On my Mark........" A few slow seconds slide by while we pick out targets , then Crow says, " Mark."

Bang! The snipers are down the before the chain fed turrets turn , we shoot them down, Crow takes two soldiers I take the one left. I click the safety off the grenade launcher and make sure there is no Jagan on the helipad. I hesitated 5 seconds to long and bullets start impacting the snow around us. I pump the handle down the grenade thoops out and BOOM! The Helicopter is up in smoke.

 Crow already was firing down on the soldiers before that where now growing in numbers. I aim down but my shifting wait crumples the snow supporting me in place I slide like sled down towards my enemy. I go off a small lip and I'm thrown into the air, exposing me the enemy completely I get my balance back and bring the gun downwards and open fire, I hit the snow and the gun falls is thrown out of my hands the strap still holding it to shoulder , nearly dislocating it. The enemy is firing at both me and Crow. How could I have done something so stupid? I stop sliding and finally get my gun into my hands. Two bullets pierce the ground next to my head, I get up the adrenaline pumping hard now. I take shots killing or hitting a few before I found cover to reload. I wasn't sure what my priority was now. Stay alive or get back up with Crow?

The End

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