Dani: speechless.

I knew we were going to fight against a drugs baron and his ruthless killer of a "girlfriend" who had tried continuously to kill every member of my team. The same people who thought that I'd been shot dead by Marissa, and probably thought that Jagan would have been dead by now too. It was serious, a battle to the death, and that these were the kind of people who didn't give up easily. All the same...I felt about six on my birthday. You know that watergun that everykid wanted in the nineties? And how somebody else got it and everyone suddenly became their best friend, because that's how cool the watergun was?

The DSR Subsonic was sooooo much better!

A gasp escaped my lips as I just stared at it, utterly awestruck. I had a feeling this was an early birthday present: already Dad had managed to find something better than everything that Richards had given to me for the past twenty one years. I thought I was speechless, except suddenly I felt a load of words coming out of my mouth in an excited whisper:

'Oh my gosh Beth look at it! Just...look! How amazing is this! And these suits, it's a wonder anyone came up with the technology for this, it's just so..' I stopped as I noticed Beth. She was clearly pleased about all the high-tech weapons (it was pretty hard not to be impressed), but she was somewhat more reserved than me about it. True, Jagan had just gone running off into the middle of nowhere and even though Dad had some GPS or other on him, we didn't know whether he would be safe or not. And true, Steve had just gone after him... Beth noticed I was mildly concerned and smiled.

'I know, we always get nearly killed, but-'

'But it has happened quite a lot more often lately.' I finished her thought and she nodded. 'But...we do have cool invisibility suits and massive guns. It's a tiny advantage.' I think we were on a wavelength: simultaneously nervous and impressed by all the sheer...stuff. Carrying our chameleon suits, we went back round to the front of the van, me with a stupidly wide grin on my face with my present. Heeheehee. Dad tried to mask a smirk: obviosly pretty proud himself of this idea. Even Drake seemed to be enjoying himself. I could sense we had just the right kind of fighting attitude: we were completely ready.

'Right then, let's go-ohh sh*t.' Dad turned and fired a quick shot into a small wooded area in the radius. A sniper fell to the ground, and I cursed silently about not being able to get that one. As he walked up to the body, Dad picked up a small radio device from the sniper's jacket. So they had some idea we were here. And all alive...I was feeling another feeling of speechlessness coming on again.

The End

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