Jagan: I held on.

I am so done with this crap! I thought to myself, running through the forest-like area, First Crow is framed, and now this?! DANG!

My footsteps were quiet as I crept up behind a rock and peeked over, my eyes resting on a nice looking helicopter, "There you are." I said quietly to myself.

SNAP! I spun around and saw that someone had crept up behind me. The man jumped when he realized I had spotted him, "GO GO GO!" he yelled as I pumped three shots into his chest.

I jumped to my feet and took off towards the helicopter, the combination of water, and dust in my hair. It was starting to rain, and I could hear the voice of Scarecrow yelling something. I wasn't sure if he was yelling to me, but I didn't give a crap either way. I knew what I had to do.

The helicopter started to take off, and it had risen at least five feet off the ground.

I ran as fast as I could, my chest still a little in pain. I jumped into the air and grabbed just onto the bottom of the helicopter, and held on. I swung my legs up and curled them around the bar I was holding onto. I tried not to curse as the pain shot through my chest.

I held on. The helicopter was high enough that I could see everyone. Beth, Dani, Foster, Scarecrow, and Drake... ugh. Drake. I still didn't know about him, yet. I mean, it would make sense if he was a spy. But it seems like Crow would have been dead already if there was a spy. Or maybe, he doesn't work for Marissa at all, maybe he's a spy from that Stalker guy. I thought as I looked back up.

The bar was wet, so it was a little hard to grip. I held on.

Suddenly, I felt the slightest nudge from my hand, and then it slipped off. It hung there and I freaked out. I grabbed back on and took a deep breath. I held on.

Then I remembered something. GPS! Global Positioning System! Or...something like that. I realized that Foster had placed GPS's on our suits. They'd find me soon.

I held on.

I reached into my suit's pocket and pulled out a nice little glove. (don't try this at home kids) and let go with my hands. I fell back and held on tightly with my legs, which hurt like crap. Then I slipped the glove on one hand, then took out another, and put it on my other hand. I reached up and took hold of the bar and pulled myself back up. 

I held on.

The End

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