Scarecrow: Bulletproof

I took Dani's face in my hand and rested my forehead against hers. "I didn't want to hurt anyone." I whispered sadly. "I guess that's what I've done isn't it?"

Dani looked into my eyes and slowly brought her hands up to cover mine. "Don't ever do something so stupid again Steven James West." she whispered and I blinked in surprise. "You... you called do you...?"

We were cut off by Bethany stalking out of the cabin followed by Jagan and... Foster? I stood up slowly and walked over with Dani's hand in mine, just in time to see Drake step out of the grass. "Right here guys." he said quickly.

Jagan looked at him suspiciously. "What happened?"

I saw it in his eyes before he spoke. "Marissa." I said through gritted teeth. "She's gone and got herself a helicopter hasn't she?"

Drake looked surprised but nodded. "Yeah. Chopper, a lot of men. Good weaponry."

I waved my hand at him to be quiet and he stopped talking and frowned. "What?"

"GET DOWN!!" I dove forward and rugby tackled Beth to the ground, taking Jagan's ankles out with my feet and pulling Dani down on top of me.

A missile flew past us and hit the house, lighting it up like the fourth of July. "God DAMMIT!" Jagan roared as he scooped up a gun and took off into the woods. "Jagan NO!" Beth screamed and she tried to get up. "STOP HER." he roared over his shoulder and I kicked Beth's feet out from under her as I lay on the ground, my head spinning. "I think I'm going to vomit." I rested my head against the cold ground for a moment and then felt a cool wet sensation on the back of my neck. Rain.. good for cover!

I laughed then. Good for cover, Jagan Cover, good cover for Cover as he goes UnderCOVER.

I had my own little laughing fit before Beth started hitting me to let her up and I pulled myself to my feet just in time for her to lay into me with her fists. "YOU LET HIM GO AND HE'LL GET HIMSELF KILLED AND...AND..."

I grabbed hold of her wrists and spun her in the direction Jagan had went. Placing a gun in her hand I pushed her forwards. "Go get him then."

"Huh?" Beth looked at me confused.

"He only needed a few minutes to do what he wants to do. Go get him. Give Cover some god damn cover woman!" I roared as I began to sprint after him giggling to myself.

Then an explosion of gunfire rattled all around me and I pushed Dani into the thicket to get her out of the line of fire as I dived on top of her, covering her body with my own.

"It's gunfire Crow, we've dealt with worse." she cried out as the branch beside her exploded in a hail of bullets.

"We might be jokers, we might be giants, we might be the best damn branch of the government to ever exist....but we sure as hell ain't as bulletproof as we'd like to believe." I growled as I let the animal instinct take over and then stood up and began to run.

I got over the ridge and took in everything. The chopper, the men, then Jagan, far in the corner, he was waving at me and the chopper blades began to turn as they made to lift off.

"I'm here you a**holes!!" I jumped up and down shouting and they all pointed to me as I ran across the ridge laughing like a maniac. "YOU WANT ME MARISSA?? COME F--KING GET ME!!"

The End

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