Drake: Close call

I moved into the building making light sounds against the ground, my pistol in my left hand the deadly stealth combat knife in my right. The cabin wasn't to big I could see the 5 thermal figures one clearly being shown as Foster. I turn left and open a door to the outside. I see recently made foot prints on the ground. Just as I got to com Foster something hard hits the back of my head sending the com device into the mud along with the goggles.

" Ah new technology good , but always leads to overconfidence." A male voice points out. My vision is blurry and it didn't help that it was dark out. I couldn't see my knife or the gun in the mud. I should have seen this coming. I get off the mud and try to find cover with the small problem of not seeing straight. I run into a bigger guy I think because I could feel the material of clothing but yet I felt like I was running into a wall.

" Idiot." I duck and roll backwards.

Why didn't the thermal imaging system on the goggles pick them up? They couldn't possibly be prepared for that. I begin to see more clearly along with my Natural night vision kicking in. I somehow managed to run up a fair ways from the cabin onto a ridge and behind the ridge was a plateau and a bloody helicopter. A few armed figures stood around the copter looking bored. I wish I had my radio. I lay down in the grass as a few figures walked up the hell wearing cooled reflective shoots no wonder they didn't pick. Still how could they be so prepared?

" He has got to be up here somewhere. I saw him scurry up here. He has got no weapons so chances are with timing he is not the guards." The big figure says to the smaller more feminine shape.

I did a crawl through the grass coming within 5 feet of the two. From here I could roll forwards jump up and snap one of the two necks. But which one is more armed?

" We've got five more minutes. Get the chopper going. With a bit of luck we can find the little bugger." Says the same voice as the women that had Crow earlier.

They walk down the hill and saw the big guy was carrying a lot of heavy weapons while Marrisa carried a sub machine gun. I was quite content that I didn't try to snap ones neck or I would have been riddled with holes. I stay in a low crouch going down the hill towards the cabin keeping my stealthy just encase of more hostiles. I see 3 figures outside of the cabin searching.

"I see his equipment is scattered on the ground. This can't be good." Foster says.

" Right here guys." I say not getting out of the grass in fear of startling.

" What happened?" Jagan asks suspiciously.


The End

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