Foster: Ice Cold

Drake guided us via his GPS phone to the mountains where Crow had taken off to hide. We didn't follow the track up towards the cabin in the car though. We left it back on the road. If Marissa had already made it here then we'd need the element of surprise.

I popped the boot and took out two chameleon suits and tossed one to Drake.

"Get it on and grab a sidearm."

He picked up his pistol. I had no doubt it had been modified until it barely resembled the gun it had started out as. The way he handled it showed me he liked it. I grabbed my own pistol. I'd picked out an FN 5-7 pistol at the Hegemann armoury. It had an inbuilt laser pointer for improved precision and the grip and body had been stripped down making it more compact for close quarters combat. The 5.7mm ammo may not be as powerful as larger calibre weapons but its accuracy and piercing power is unparalleled in small arms. I cocked the weapon and holstered it.

"Why aren't we taking heavier weaponry?" Drake asked as I shut the boot lid.

"We don't know the situation. If we go in heavy we may provoke a more hostile reaction that necessary. For all we know the others might have been captured so staging an all out firefight would be pointless. We have the stealth factor on our side. We just need to move fast and act decisively."

We ghosted up the mountainside, not even casting shadows on the rocks as we climbed. We had no problem communicating silently due to a clever trick of the suit. The HUD display over the left eye of the combat goggles highlighted the position of anyone else wearing a stealth suit and gave a readout of their movements. Drake could see me and I could see him just fine. I signaled a halt as we neared the crest of the hill.

"Weapons ready. Go silent." I gave the command and we both drew and attached suppressors to our weapons.

I gave the sign to move up to the cabin and we approached at a crouch, walking slowly to reduce foot noise. The silence was thick and seemed to amplify all of our own sounds as we reached the target. I pressed up against the building and edged along to the corner to peek out.


Drake pushed up to the other corner of the wall and checked his sectors.

"Clear. Moving up."

Drake moved off around his side of the building and I swung out and moved off myself. The soft crunch of gravel was my only company as I headed towards the nearest window to make a possible point of entry. I glanced through the glass and my HUD highlighted four silhouettes inside. It tracked their signatures as they moved around, letting me know their positions even through the walls as outlines drawn in green. Drake showed up in blue, he was just circling the other side of the building.

"I've got four thermal signatures inside. No visual contact. No identification."

"Roger, I have them. Also at an entry point. Waiting for your go."

"Enter under low profile. We don't know if these are friendlies or not. If they are identify yourself immediately. If not eliminate targets until building is secure. Go."

I pulled out a combat knife and slid it under the window seal. Slicing along I forced the edges of the windows to separate and forced it open then clambered in. I kept my gun and knife out ready as I crept through the hallway. The goggles showed two possible targets in the next room. I edged up to the corner and peeked out then relaxed. Jagan and Beth. I pulled off my face mask and goggles and walked straight into the room. They were a little startled to say the least.

"Holy-where did you come from!" Jagan pointed at me eyes wide. Beth just stared at where my body ought to have appeared, but she seemed to find it difficult to to discern my figure from the patches of camo and chameleon material.

"We got a call from Marissa. She threatened she'd be here so we came in our new stealth gear just to be safe."

"She's already been. But wow. That's some pretty good tech you've dug up. How the hell did you find that?" Jagan stared incredulous.

"Long story. I'll tell you on the way to Marquis Point Heights. We're hitting that house and taking them down ASAP. Have you got Crow sorted out yet?"

"Dani's with him out front. He'd been drugged and shot Jagan but I think he should be fine."

"Oh, we didn't see them. We came in round the back. So who else is in here?"

Jagan and Beth looked at each other.

"Noone else should be in here..."

Drake's com-link crackled ominously. That wasn't an all clear sign.


We ran.

The End

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