Jagan: I'm coming with you!

"Wait!" I yelled.

Beth didn't listen, she was determined.

I jumped to me feet, which felt like someone had just hit me with  a sledge hammer. I winced, but still ran towards her.

I came up behind her and took hold of her shoulder, "No way are you going to go alone!"

Bethany slapped my hand away, "NO! I've made up my mind!"

"Then I'm coming with you!" I said, blood still coming down my hand and chest.

Beth spun around, "NO!"

"Stop saying no and just listen!" I yelled.

Beth grabbed onto my neck and pulled me close, "No."

My arms involuntarily wrapped around her neck and pulled her in even closer. Our lips met and I held it there for a moment. The pain in my chest was gone.

Beth didn't try to get away. She slapped me though, but continued to kiss. I spun her around and held her in my arms, and I just couldn't think straight.

We kept kissing when suddenly, I pulled away and said, "Can I come with you now?"

"If you do that along the way, then yes." she said, finally smiling.

I smirked then kissed her again. This time she pulled away, took my hand, and we walked away. But I could tell, she was still angry. Very, very, angry.

The End

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