Bethany: I'm going to kill her.

As I ushered Jagan into the cabin, my mind was whirling. I was angry, confused, and upset.

Marissa... My blood boiled at the thought of her.

I set Jagan down on a chair.

My eyes were turning red as I rummaged through the cabinets. Food ration packs, dishes, a pistol crammed behind a box of cereal.

Gees, Steve! You have plenty of weapons... now where is the First Aid Kit?

I slammed wooden doors, scrambling to find it, knocking things over in my haste.

"Beth," I heard Jagan whisper. "It's okay, babe, I'm not going to die..."

I sighed heavily, trying to slow my actions. I wasn't worried about him; Jagan had come through much more difficult situations. I was angry. Angry that all this had even happened.

Finally, on the top shelf of the last cabinet, I found the kit.

Everything was at least 5 years expired, but it would have to do. I ripped Jagan's shirt off, a bit too harshly and he winced.

"I'm sorry."

He waved me off and closed his eyes.

It looked worse than it really was. Only one shard had hit him, but it had hit him directly on the sternum. It was partially embedded in the bone, but he wasn't bleeding too much.

"It's stuck in the bone, Jagan. I don't know if I could get it out without hurting you more. I'm sorry." I sighed.

"You're fine. Just patch me up enough to get to the hospital. I'll be okay," he said, not opening his eyes.

I knew he was just being strong for me, but I felt better all the same.

I sterilized the wound with some less than potent alcohol, and Jagan winced again, hissing in pain. With gauze wrapping his chest, he was good enough to hold until he could get some better medical attention.

He sighed and thanked me. I moved to throw the used materials away.

"No prob--" I froze. I stared down at the trash can in shock.

"What?" Jagan asked when I remained still and quiet.

"That b*tch!" I yelled. I shoved my hand into the can and pulled out a used syringe. "She left the evidence! That insolent little wh*re!"

I knew how Marissa was. If she had given Steve the drug, she would have wanted to hang around to see the affects. She would have wanted to watch Steve kill us all.

I grabbed my guns and checked the ammo.

"What are you doing?"Jagan asked anxiously.

"No one does that to my family. Tell the DOJ to get a prison cell ready for me." I grabbed the gun I had found in the cabinet and shoved it into the back of my pants. "I'm going to finish what my brother was blamed for."

I started toward the door, anger focusing my actions.

"What? What are you talking about?" Jagan stood up, alarmed as I stalked past.  "Bethany!"

I turned back to him and said: "Marissa. I'm going to kill her." And then I left.


The End

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