Dani: shaken.

We all stared in him in silence for what seemed like an unbearably long amount of time. I started slightly when Jagan started to talk: it was safe to say that after...that... we were justifiably shaken. I mean, we were used to gun-wielding maniacs. And we were used to Steve appearing like a maniac with a gun. But never in that context. 

'You mean, you don't remember?'

Steve shook his head slowly, as if he had a splitting headache. It was then that I saw the raised bumps on his neck. For a second I forgot about the invisible barrier between us and him and reached forward. He winced and my eyes narrowed. 'Steve...were you...?' I sighed and tried to come out with a sentence that made sense. 'Can you remember what happened when you arrived here?' It seemed logical to start from there- it wasn't like anything could have happened on the journey here.

As Steve explained, I looked across at Beth, who seemed to be stuck between a lack of trust and completely breaking down. Or maybe that was just me...  I honestly had no idea what to think at that moment in time. I wanted to believe him more than anything...I did believe him. I felt awful for doubting. Of course Marissa would want to barge in and complicate things further. Looking at Jagan and Beth, she was doing a pretty damn good job of making Steve as untrustworthy as possible.

'So you had no idea you were about to kill us?' I was trying to be diplomatic but I immediately regretting wording it like that. It only separated us, which we didn't need. I looked to Beth for some support, but she still looked a bit scared to say anything reassuring. I shook my head. 'Okay, this is getting us nowhere. Marissa is only making us do what she wants us to do. Erm.' I was never good at public speaking. 'Is there first aid in there?' Steve nodded blankly. 'Beth, do you want to-?' I nodded to Jagan and she reached an arm out to steady him whilst they walked inside. Beth looked back to me at the door and I attempted a smile.

'Steve...' I wasn't sure what I was going to say. I knew that he wasn't dangerous, but...I couldn't help remembering how little I knew about him. Even Beth wasn't sure. I opened my mouth to talk when Steve spoke.

'I could have killed them. I nearly...well. You were there.'

'It's okay. Anyone could see you weren't yourself. And nothing did happen.'

'But it could have! That's what matters.'

'No!' I frowned. 'You are a good person, Steve. A good person wouldn't kill their sister, no matter how much they were under the influence of drugs. You getting angry is only going to ensure she's still out there.' This time, she had definitely been too close to splitting the team: it couldn't happen any more. It was just a good job she thought I was dead...then she wouldn't see me coming. But there was still something that I couldn't understand. Jagan had never told me what they'd talked about. The reason we were up in the mountains.

'Steve...why-' I gulped, a little afraid to ask. But I wanted to know. 'Why did you leave?'

The End

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