Scarecrow: Memory Loss

I reached the top of the mountain on the bike no problem. It would have been impossible if I was in a car though.

Kicking open the door of the house I dumped my bag on the floor and walked over to the table. There was a small piece of paper folded on it and I picked it up curiously.

Nighty night baby....

Marissa's handwriting was unmistakeable.

I looked around suddenly, my whole body alert. Someone had been here, possibly was still here. My skin prickled and then I felt a sharp sting at the back of my neck and I put my hand up and pulled a small dart from my skin. "What the...." my speech slurred and I dropped to my knees as my body contorted and I slowly lost control of my muscles.

"Hey baby." Marissa stood over me, a dart gun in her hand "What you're experiencing now is the effects of a neuromuscular-blocking drug. Then I'm going to use a little hypnosis and some more drugs to make sure your darling little sister and her boyfriend have a surprise waiting for them when they arrive. It should buy me some time to go down, get what I need, and come back up here in time to finish you all off in one go."

I screamed at her mentally, every name I could think of. Beth was going to die by my hand. I couldn't believe how cruel Marissa was being. I thought I'd known her. Oh god, oh god. Maybe she gave me a lethal dose, this stuff can paralyse the breathing muscles... Maybe I wont have to.. to kill my sister.

"Sorry sweetie, I know what you're thinking, but you're wrong. I gave  you just enough to incapacitate you. Now I think it's time for my friends to come in and sort you out for your visitors." she smiled and walked out, leaving my lying on the floor.

Several men came and picked me up. One of them carefully measured a small dosage of clear liquid into a syringe and after he injected it into me I began to feel sleepy and detached....and vulnerable.


 I groaned and opened my eyes to see Jagan standing there, blood covering him, his blood.

Did I do that? Crap!

Suddenly Marissa's visit came back to me and I sat up. "Beth!" she stood there, looking at me with confusion and fear in her eyes. At least she was alive.

I closed my eyes and lay back down on the ground. My neck was killing me where the dart had pierced my skin. I raised a hand and felt it to find that it was raised and lumpy. Great, an allergic reaction.

I kept my eyes closed and ignored the silence that told me people were waiting for my next move.

They'd never believe me. They all thought I was off my head anyway... Well, Foster might. I don't think the boys in black did a very good clean up job after themselves.

Well done Marissa. Brownie points for you! I thought bitterly.

Finally I decided to open my eyes again and slowly try and stand up.

Jagan stepped back warily and trained his gun on me.

I raised both my hands and then grabbed my head and winced as the pain shot through it. I looked around and that was when I saw Dani looking at me with what looked like pity and sadness.

I felt sick.

"Guys, this is probably going to sound messed up....but what happened?"

Jagan lowered his gun and looked at me incredulously.

"What? You mean you don't remember?"

The End

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