Drake: Race to the top!


After leaving the Treasure trove of guns and really awesome technology the childish look on my face became the normal calm face , of a investigator, of an ex soldier.

“ So I guess its time to meet with the others?” I ask

“ Yeah, Beth said Crow was heading to the mountains.” Foster says.

“ Okay I guess I'll phone...” My cell rings in text, “ Maybe its them.” I mutter opening it.

Race you to the top!

I hope that doesn't mean. Oh no.” I trail off.

Is it from them?”

I don't think so. It just reads race you to the top. Its an unidentifiable number so I'm lead to believe its Marissa , or whoever is out to kill Crow.”

We need to get to them fast.”

Yeah no kidding. just hoping its not some sort of trap that will get us all killed somehow.” I put in.

Just phone and warn the others.” Foster orders.

Right.” I think I phone Beth. It rings to the answering machine.

No answer either they are under attack, or incapacitated. Luckily I can triangulate positions with this phone.” I say as I run the program.

Yeah take a right onto the highway there on eastern hills. I just hope we get there before troubles happened.”

Or it has already happened.” Foster adds, “ Just a little curious were you a  intelligence officer in SMCU?”

I laughed, “ No, Just got a knack for it. It was also part of the training. It comes from a belief that everyone should be self sufficient on the field, in times of emergency.”

The End

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