Drake: Marquis point hieghts

Crap , I should have guessed that Jerry was in it like Rico said he has influence and control everywhere. Jagan , Beth, And Dani take off in one of the cars from the garage earlier.

" So the car took off to the west down the street." Foster points out.

" Yeah the Licence number, I just barely caught it. IDHW 0567."

"Alright, I'll drive you find the insurance companies and the rest of the information." Foster orders me.

I find a laptop in the back seat of the vehicle , and quickly go through the databases of licences, and put in the letters and numbers. It seemed like our best lead so far. The licence plate had several offences in drug trafficking, speeding,and weapon use. Strangely no arrests guess it pays to be a crime lord. I find that the cars owners live in upper class of town. On a hill named Marquis point hieghts that has a quite a nice view of the city and surrounding area. Also happened to be full of spots to hide snipers and chain fed turrets. I write the information down.

" Alright supposedly Marrisa is heading too Marquis point heights. Which means that they if they see us coming, well its going to be a lot of gunfire we are going to be under."

" What exactly where you planning to do once we get there. Or do you intend to Marrisa off somehow?" I ask.

For me I knew for sure we weren't going to be welcomed with open arms, but with lots of guns. If we somehow head Marrisa off we've got ourselves some information, but how the hell could we do that. She got a 10 to 20 minute head start. I felt so stupid usually I had the kinda of resources to pull of a infiltration operation, or get the target easily, but this time I didn't have a company of dedicated men to help me out. I had to be more ingenious, and usually, I am. Guess I've been out of the business to long.

" Well?" I ask.

The End

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