Dani: muted.

As Dad gave out the orders, I tried to get back into the routine. I really did. I took a breath or two and nodded when he'd finished. But for all I cared, he could have been on mute. I wasn't listening. My brain was racing, trying to work out what had just happened. I mean- after the whole "pretending I'd been shot" scenario, I'd let my guard down. I thought we had made progress: the true identity of the body. Marissa's sister...it sounded a little unbelievable but considering the man I'd thought was my father for the last twenty one years tried to kill me the other month, I was willing to believe anything in this business. And then Dad had returned, along with Beth and Jagan, and it was just so good to be reunited. Everything was starting to make sense again.

And then something happened and I have no idea what but he was crying. And that scared me more than any snipers or bombs or threats on our lives. But I'd just stood there. I hadn't followed him, I hadn't said anything. It was as if I hadn't cared. But I had, I really had! I just didn't get it! He'd been fine before- I've always secretly prided myself on perception and I definitely did not notice anything wrong before. Which made me particularly suspicious that Jagan had gone somewhere with him when I was greeting Dad...

Dad walked over to Drake, taking a quick glance back at me, maybe to reassure himself that I would be fine. I made an effort to smile: to be honest I'd half-expected a lecture from him about Steve, which I was glad not to hear. Plus, he had bigger problems: the lack of trust with Drake wasn't helping. I smirked at the faint memory of protecting him from the snipers: he wasn't a threat. Well, not in my eyes.

Beth cleared her throat and I walked out of the house, where Jagan had pulled up a car. We climbed in. 'Where-' I stopped for a second, unsure as to how I would continue. 'Where do you think he's gone?' I was trying to sound like I was on the job, but I sounded like a timid child.

'He has a house in the mountains.' Beth directed Jagan as he set off. I took a look back at the house, and then turned to Beth, who was looking silently at her hands, and Jagan, who was keeping his eyes deliberately fixed on the road. I sighed.

'Okay- what did you do Jagan?' I couldn't bear the silence any longer. 'I don't get it, what happened?'

The End

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