Foster: That Went Well...

Crow stormed through his house, utterly aimlessly, almost like a man in a trance. Another thing to note was that he was crying. This wasn't Scarecrow, Survivor of the Delta Hounds, vicious Recondo agent. This was Stephen West. Stripped down, his soul bare and weeping. You could see it in his eyes. No longer the manic glint. No longer the black fires of hate. Just tears. Pure tears. He grabbed a load of stuff and stuffed it into a bag. Everyone was following him around, distressed, talking. What are you doing? Where are you going? Why are you leaving? Stop. Stay. Please! No use. We followed him outside. He turned as he straddled his bike. His eyes were all that were visible through the visor of his riding helmet. He looked straight at Jagan. "I'm sorry."

I called out to him just before he left. "My daughter is waiting for you Stephen West. Don't leave her alone too long." Then he was gone. His bike roaring furiously down the road.

I guess as leader I had to take action. I controlled the situation best I could straight away.

"Jagan. I know he needed a talking to and I know that he wasn't happy. But seriously, he and I have an understanding. There are times when he'll be able to take a good chat like that. There are also times when you have to just shut up and drop it. Beth, Dani, you two are the people here he cares about more than anyone. Probably more than anyone in the entire world. Get him back. Take a car or something. Steal it if you have to. Get after him. Now. Bradens, that Jerry whatshisface character was some sorta big shot lawyer wasn't he? He probably has some influence in the Department. That call may have been used to trace our location. He may even have used it to remote listen in on all that just happened which means he know's Crow is alone and an easy target right now. You're with me. We're picking up Marissa's trail and following it. Alright people get to it, we've got a job to do!"

Everyone hopped to it. Jagan went with Beth and Dani. I hoped he'd let them do the talking this time. I liked being in command. Things got done that way. One thing I'd noticed at the last look in Crow's eyes. He may have been crying, and may have been manic and conflicted and confused. One thing that wasn't in his eyes anymore. Guilt. His eyes were clear. For the first time since I'd met him. His eyes were completely clear. For the first time, he'd looked like he was almost, almost totally serene. I smiled. He was learning to let go.

The End

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