Drake: The DoJ is being wierd

" Sorry I didn't introduce myself sooner.." I shake his hand , and continue, " So let me introduce myself more formerly. If you wanted a proper station and rank. Former SMCU captain. Not to sure why the department picked me for this job. I guess since your here I should give you these." I say like a private would say to a new leader. It didn't feel right to feel that way but I had a really good feeling I didn't want to get on this guys bad side. I handed him a small note book of the addresses and information.

" Are you going to be leaving shortly Mr. Bradens?" He asked.

" I don't think so but all evidence so far makes Crow not guilty. The others may have already told you but something greater seems to be at work. I'll go phone the department. It nice meeting... Your name please?"

" Foster." He said. His face read he did not trust me all over it.

I walk out of the room and phone the department of justice. It rang for 25 seconds before it was picked up.

" Hello. You have reached the Department of Justice." A cheery female voice says.

" Yeah I'm just wondering if you need me on the case anymore. Foster is back, and all evidence points that Steve West isn't the murderer."

" That is good. You should ask Foster whether they need your assistance." That first bit of the sentence is strange why would that be good. Well for them I mean. The DoJ loves to get there nose in everything. To be removed wouldn't be good.

" I see , thank you."

I thought about the strange phrase that came from the DoJ representative. It sounded completely innocent but something told it wasn't. They also may have given us false evidence because if I overheard Crows conversation properly the body was that of the claimed body of Marrisa, was in fact her sister. The blood test would have shown that , and well Crow would definitely not be a suspect.

I'm come back in the room.

" They told me to ask you if you need my further assistance. I should note the Department of justice isn't acting properly. They gave us falsified evidence,and they seemed to take great pleasure in your return." I hoped he would know how that is strange. Before he can respond Jagan comes through the door and a rather different looking Crow.

" What..." Crow cut me off.

The End

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