Scarecrow: Uninvited Guest

I walked around to the back of the hideout and pulled a tarpaulin off of an old truck. Drake and Dani followed me with confused expressions on their faces. "We're not going to drive in that are we?" Drake asked with distaste.

I laughed. "This old rust bucket?" I slid in behind the wheel and started it up. I drove the truck forwards about fifteen feet and then I jumped out and walked back to the large trapdoor that had been hidden under the truck.

"No I was more thinking along the lines of this."

I pulled back the trapdoor with a rattle and disappeared down the ramp leaving Dani and Drake staring down after me with their mouths open.

I reached the base of the ramp and flicked a switch. Lights crackled on in the underground garage and I swung my leg over a Kawasaki

"Hello baby, Daddy's back." I crooned to it as I kicked off and felt the powerful roar of the bike beneath me. I flew up the ramp and skidded to a halt several feet away before turning to look at Dani and Drake.

"Take your pick guys, meet me at my place. Dani you know the way."

I revved the engine and took off in a cloud of dust, revelling in the sheer power of the bike. Oh how I had missed my baby...

I let the wind beat at me as I flew along the highway, breaking speed limits in my haste to get back to my house. I needed to contact Foster and see where he was, we needed him back.

I pulled up outside my house and the woman from across the road stood open mouthed staring at me as she held her car door open, about to take her child out of the seat.

I jumped off the bike and flew up the front steps, flinging open my front door and rushing to the study. I had barely made it through the door of the study when I heard the click of a gun and I spun around.

The person I saw there was the last person I expected to see.


"Hello Steve."

" were dead, I saw you. You died! YOU WERE DEAD!"

I shouted the last word in the hope that it would detract her attention from the gun for a moment but she didn't falter. "Nice try Steve, but I'm one step ahead of you." she smiled.

"Marissa I don't understand this at all. What's going on?" I was in shock, my brain still trying to register what was happening while at the same time trying to look for an escape route.

"Why don't you have a seat?" she motioned to the chair. "No thanks I'll stand."

She shot at my feet and I jumped a mile before I walked to the chair and I sat down heavily on it.

"Ok, where to begin Steve." she smiled tauntingly. "Firstly that wasn't me you saw dead, that was Saoirse."

I almost jumped to my feet again, the only thing stopping me was her itchy trigger finger, I could see she was dying to kill me, pardon the pun.

"You think I killed your sister?" I was incredulous. "No Steve, you didn't kill Saoirse, I killed Saoirse. She was getting a little too nosy, inquiring about a few projects myself and Jerry were working on. I also needed to sabotage your wonderful team. That's why I decided, what better way to do it then to kill Saoirse and have them pin it on you?"

I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists. "You are a sick twisted woman Marissa. You killed your own sister for god's sake! Your twin sister is dead now! You do know that? She won't be coming back any time soon? You are mentally ill. You need psychiatric help!"

She fired a shot into the wall above my head. "DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME WHAT I NEED STEVEN WEST!" she screeched and I bit back a retort. I did not want to get shot today.

If I can stall her until Dani and Drake get here......

I stood up and stared at her. "I'm not afraid of you Marissa. I'm not afraid of anyone, so don't think that I am. I don't think you could really pull that trigger on me after four years."

She tilted her head to the side and took a step forward, pushing the barrel of the gun against my chest. "Try me Scarecrow. Just try me."

I shuddered inwardly at the look in her eye. The woman was crazy. She was actually off her rocker, screw loose, demented, totally off her head. For once I was actually scared.

"Marissa what happened to you?" I looked at her sadly and she laughed evilly. "I met Jerry, and he made life so simple."

"Unlike me." I said bitterly and I laughed harshly. "Well the joke's on you Marissa. Because I have direct wire links in this room to seven different offices around the country. One of the triggers is gunfire. And you let off a shot earlier."

Her face paled. "You're lying." she stepped back, keeping the gun level with my chest. "No I'm not lying Mar." I shrugged. "Kill me now if you want but it won't solve anything. Plus there's already a gang out to get me so whatever, you'd be doing them a favour. Everyone wants me out of the way these days."

Just then Dani came through the door "Crow we just..."

Marissa pulled the trigger......

And Dani fell backwards, sprawled across the hall floor.

"DANI!" I yelled, diving at Marissa and wrestling the gun from her before throwing it down the hall towards Drake as I crouched beside Dani, my mind a complete blur as I smoothed her hair back off her white face. "Dani wake up, Dani, please."

Drake was standing in shock, his mouth open as Marissa flew down the hallway and pushed past him. "The Stalker will have his way in the end Steve!" she yelled as she ran out and jumped into a waiting car that took off.

"Dani please, please Dani wake up. Say you're ok. Please, I can't lose you. I can't. Not you. Please!" I felt hot tears pouring down my face as I pulled her into my arms and buried my face against her shoulder as I sobbed my heart out.

"Is she gone?" I heard a whisper against my ear and I jumped and looked down at Dani's face. Had she spoken or was it all my imagination?

Before I could open my mouth there was the crunch of footsteps on the gravel outside and Foster walked in followed by Beth and Jagan. "Seems Beth was right in guessing you'd be...."

His eyes took everything in, Dani in my arms, my tear stained face, the odd angle at which she was lying, and he pointed a shaking finger at her.

"Crow, my daughter had better have just fainted or I'm going to shoot first and ask questions later."

"Foster, I didn't... she... I.." I choked and suddenly Dani sat up.

"I'm fine. Jeeze, calm down everyone, I just wanted to make sure she was gone."

I sat gaping at her and she grinned at me as she shrugged off her jacket and I saw that she was wearing kevlar.

"I knew it would eventually come in handy." she joked before throwing her arms around me and kissing me. "I'm sorry I scared you Steve." she whispered. "Now she thinks I'm dead it might change things a bit."

Then she jumped to her feet and dove at Foster. "DAD!"

I just sat there grinning like a maniac and staring into space.

I like kissing Dani...

The End

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