Jagan: The Leader is Back!

The sound of a cocking gun startled me, I spun around to see a man pointing a gun at us. Oh crap, this is it. I thought, hearing a gunshot. I thought I was hit, so I grabbed my chest and winced. The man with the gun fell to the floor, dead.

There he was. Foster, in all his glory. My boss, my leader, the man I thought of as my own father, okay, the latter is a little exaggerated but still.

"I don't want to know what you two guys are doing in my bunker, half naked and surrounded by dead bodies. Let's just get out of here shall we?" he said, not cracking a smile.

I did. In fact, I laughed pretty hard. I nodded and motioned for him to follow us.

Foster of course, didn't want to follow us, he wanted to lead. I didn't fight him. He went ahead and led us up a staircase, "I found little information on the Stalker, but what I did find will be useful enough for the time being."

"Well, we found out some pretty useful information as well. Nothing to do with his identity, but we know what's going on. I know why he's after our team."

"Really?" Foster asked, seeming very surprised.

"Yes, he's-" I began, but was interrupted by the sound of a crash.

The three of us spun around and had our guns out in an instant. We fired three or four shots, just to see that a light had fallen off the wall.

Bethany and I looked at Foster with irritated looks on our faces.

Foster smiled, "What can I say? We haven't done maintenance in a while." he said. He smirked then turned around and continued walking.


Foster took another secret staircase out of the bunker. Once we came out of the underground bunker, I realized how blown up the HQ really was.

"Dang." Beth said breathlessly.

I felt my blood go cold as I realized that we were literally a couple seconds away from being, dead.

Foster shook his head, "What on earth did you do?!" he yelled angrily.

"Not the time!" I yelled, pointing at a van that was just pulling up. We darted across the rubble and hid behind a chunk of rock that would hide us from view. We all simultaneously flipped out our guns and reloaded to brand new clips. It was kill or be killed.

I took a deep breath and planned out my moves in my head. I nodded to Foster and Beth, we leaped over the rock and charged at the van, firing at it repeatedly.

The windows shattered. We reached the van, to find it empty. I frowned, "What the-"

I heard the sound of a cocking gun, and the adrenaline started to pump. Foster whispered, "Drop your guns, I'll think of something."

Foster dropped his gun, I followed. I looked over at Bethany, who was holding her gun tightly. Suddenly, she was turned around facing the mercenaries. She fired one bullet per man. They all collapsed to ground, all with a big hole in their head.

Foster and I looked at Bethany with wide eyes, "Holy crap." Foster said with a deep chuckle. Then he broke out into laughter for about ten seconds.

I smiled.

Beth kept a straight face, "Steve is going to get sent to jail, no matter how many mercenaries we shoot. We need evidence to prove he didn't kill her, not fighting. Killing people may have worked on our last mission, but on this mission, it does nothing for us. So let's go find some evidence shall we?" she said, starting to sound frustrated. She spun on her heel and marched to the van.

Foster looked at me with a wide smile, "Quite a lady you got there."

I winked, "She is."

Foster's smile changed to a frown, "Now let's go! We don't got all day!"

I sighed, Typical.

I followed him into the back of the van. Beth started up the car, "The idiots left the keys in the ignition."

Beth sped off onto the road, "Now where do you think Crow is?" she said.

Foster froze, "Wait...you mean you don't know?"

We all sighed.

The End

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